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Have a friend, partner, kid or parent who loves to talk facts about animals they adore? Or gush the moment they see a cute or playful one? Being an animal lover means that one cares about how these beings live and want to harm done to them. In other words, they want a clean, safe and green environment for them where they are not exploited in any way.
Therefore, keeping this in mind bring a smile on your animal person by gifting them sustainable gifts that are all about nature’s pets. Ranging from stuffed toys to animal print clothes, these gifts are sure to please one from any age category!


For the Kids

Crocheted Toys

Being the most curious ones, children easily get attracted to animals and loves to admire them and want to know more about them. Crocheted stuffed toys from Pebble such as the elephant, pandagiraffe or horse is the perfect gift for the tiny tods to begin their journey in observing the animal world. Pebble toys are made by Hathay Bunano a non-profit fair trade organization in Bangladesh whose mission is to create fairly paid, good quality, flexible and local employment for rural women who are poor and often disadvantaged. The organisation aims to employ in rural areas to prevent economic migration to the cities and also addresses woman employment where she can support herself as well as her family.
Another crocheted keepsake is the Crocheted Animal Donut Doll from Flaming Pot. Made from 100% cotton yarn, these pretend toys are also suitable for babies as the eyes are embroidered instead of using amigurumi eyes. 


Rattles and Pull Toys

Talking about babies what better way to distract them when cranky than shaking the rattle? And if the rattle is shaped like a cute animal even better! With beads coated in Osmo oil, the Bird or Fish rattles from Milton Ashby are made from beech wood and finished with Livos natural oil, giving a satin gloss finish. Given that wooden toys never go out of style offering a direct connection to the natural world for children, these items can be passed on from generation to generation. Milton Ashby also produces animal-shaped pull toys such as the Hopping Kangaroo which keep the tiny feet on the move.
Other amusing rattles include the Wooden Ring Rattle-Fox from Pebble and Animal Donut Rattle from Flaming Pot.


Jigsaw Puzzles and Crayons

Keep the little fingers busy and increase their creativity and concentration through WWF’s Giraffe 100 Piece Puzzle or Penguin 100 Piece Puzzle. Made with FSC art paper, printed with soy inks and packaged in recycled post-consumer waste carbon with soy inks, these thick quality interlocking puzzles feature an adorable photo of giraffes and penguins from the award-winning WWF photography portfolio. For the ones who love art, let them color their favorite animal using animal-shaped Eco Crayons that are made from 100% natural waxes, butter and colour pigments derived from plants, seeds, and flowers.  



Inquisitive about animals or just enjoy admiring colorful animals on print? Have fun learning the 123 of Australian Animals or ABC of Australian Animals by Bronwyn Bancroft where the vibrant visual narratives will transport the young ones to the natural beauty of the country. Animalphapet similarly is a splendidly die-cut alphabet of animals by author Julia Donalson and illustrator Sharon King-Chai. Along with the rhythmic text, the cleverly cut flaps draw into a vibrant world of huge elephants, slithery snakes and growling tigers making it a rich delight for children of all ages. For a trip through the oceans of the world, discovering the creatures of the deep and learning the unique environment in which they live, the Atlas of Ocean Adventures could be the perfect guide that is apt for both kids and adults alike.


Tattoos and decorations

Most kids enjoy getting temporarily inked and it’s a great entertainment feature at birthday parties, fairs or school events. However, the question is are these safe? Most of these temporary tattoos contain harmful chemicals such as resins, polymers, varnishes and dyes which is bad for the skin. This said toxin-free Temporary Tattoos from Sioou are the best replacement. Made in France, these hypoallergic super cute tattoos that designs of animals like bears or tigers that will get your kid noticed and boost their confidence!
Apart from body decoration of their favourite animal, children also find it pleasing to decorate their room. So, for the ones who love bright colours and birds, the Felt Pink Flamingo Garland from Rainbows and Clover. Hand-felted, hand-dyed and delicately stitched, using 100% NZ wool, these look gorgeous wrapped around the bed-head, on the window or just about anywhere!   


For the Adults

Women’s Accessories

Go animaly stylish by wearing fun jewellery from One Happy Leaf which features earrings of Animal Paws, Panda, Whale or brooches of Elephant, Turtle or hairpins of Sheep, Echidna. Laser-cut from honey brown bamboo wood, One Happy Leaf in its pieces incorporates designs of mainly animals or birds. The idea behind this is that a portion of profits from the brand’s sales is donated to organisations such as Animals Australia, World Animals Protection and Free the Bears that are involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of abused animals. Also, for every purchase you make, trees are planted on your behalf in areas requiring rehabilitation or ecological diversity to provide shelter for cute animals.


Animal Print Clothes, Socks, Shoes, Shawls and Hankies

Timeless, eye-catching and exotic. Animal prints in clothing have never really gone out of style. Designer Ana Williams’ Kimono Boxy Top-Cotton Cat or Kimono Boxy Top-Jelly Fish made from cotton is the most attractive and comfortable wear. These locally handmade made pieces have multiple ways or wearing and offer an alternative to fast fashion.
Similarly, bird shawls from Nine Yaks such as White Bird ShawlMulticoloured Bird ShawlOrange Bird Shawl or Green Shawl are other vibrant pieces that you must have. Created from 100% cotton with vegetable-based dyes, these high-quality ethical clothing keeps you warm and stylish assuring 100% sustainability as well.
Bored of wearing those monotone socks every day? Show your love for cats and dogs by covering your feet in vibrant prints of cats and dogs by Blue Q or show your concern for sea animals by wearing Socks that Protect Sharks crafted from the highest quality GOTS organic cotton by Conscious Step. Along with this pair up the socks with TOMS’ Panda Camo Black Alpargatas. Supporting WildAid in its conservation programs dedicated to the giant panda like the ones in Sichuan Province of China, these vegan shoes features prints inspired by the giant panda.
Hand printed and cotton a modern and whimsical twist on the modern hanky by Hanky Fever is adorned with prints of beautiful Australian animals such as kangaroos, kangaroo & joey, wombat, koala, and birds such as the galah. A wonderful gift that is artistic and practical!


Ceramic Decorative

Earthy and charming, another interesting gift that is decorative and functional are ceramic vases and planters from Gail Ceramics. Shaped into various animals which include Antlers, Giraffe, Panda, Whale, Echidna or Rhino, these handmade eye-popping containers will take charge of your plants and green up your space! And not just plants, you can also have an aromatic room with ceramic incense burners such as the Unicorn or Elephant incense burners. 



Now if your animal-loving person is not really into material things (even if they look like animals), and prefer to read more about them, then surprise them with books such as Fauna: Australia’s Most Curious Creatures which gives an insight of each species of the native fauna. The books Dogs and Little Instruction Book for Cats is a treat for the dog and cats obsessed. And just like the native Australian species, the book Kookaburra Kookaburra is a visual narrative of 12 much loved Australian Birds.  

Eco-Conscious Gifts for Animal Lovers of All Ages!!

Eco-Conscious Gifts for Animal Lovers of All Ages!!