It is impossible for a lover of cats to banish these alert, gentle, and discriminating little friends, who give us just enough of their regard and complaisance to make us hunger for more.

                                                                                                           -Agnes Repplier

If you are looking for a gift for a cat person scratch no more because here are some purrfect range of sustainable gifts you could get for that special feline lover and meWOW them with amazement!!


Tea Towels

There can never be too many cats. Able and Game’s and Blue Q’s tea towels, Cats!Cats!Cats!Cat StackPeople I Love: CatsAll State Cat Petting ChampionshipWacky Feline Woman and Made from Scratch a filled with various animated poses of cats from being coy to mischievous. While Able and Game prints on 100% linen, Blue Q does them on 100% unbleached cotton. Both featuring unique designs these towels can be used to do the dishes or can be fancied up on a frame!


ceramic hair accessory


As author Terry Pratchett quotes, “In ancient times cats were worshiped as gods; they have not forgotten this.” For those who love to show off their respect for cats and plants and making the felines look like the boss, the Sitting cat hair barrette from Gail Ceramics is the one! Handmade from earthy ceramic this accessory with attitude is one of a kind.


cat earrings

Jewellery and Bags

The ones who like to wear quirky cats on them, gift them Gail Ceramics’ Sitting Cat Hair Barrette which literary sits on one’s head looking down upon every else! How catlike! On the other hand for a more woody style go for the bamboo crafted Cat Studs from One Happy Leaf. Be alert because you might just hear a soft purr one in a while ;)
As for bags, Able and Game’s Cat Petting Champion Tote Bag made from heavy cotton canvas is perfect for toting around all their daily needs, including their cat!

cat printed kimono top

Socks and Clothes

A cat loves to snuggle around people’s feet, get comfortable and show some love. So, now why not switch ways? Made of high-quality combed cotton which is as soft as a kitten’s fur Cats!, My Cat is Cool as Fuck or Go Away Introverting socks from Blue Q is the human’s way of snuggling cat prints on their feet!
A flashier gift for the cat-loving fashionista is the Kimono Boxy Top – Cotton Cat by Ana Williams. Made from cotton, this is the most comfortable cat one can wear in multiple ways during any season. Another interesting piece of clothing with cats all over it is Blue Q’s Cats Apron which is made from soft extra-sturdy, 100% heavy cotton twill with extra-long waist ties, handy pockets and easy-adjust neck strap. But as they say, keep an eye on the cat and the other on the frying pan!       


cards for cat lovers


So you are away and want to send your cat obsessed person a fun card on their birthday, anniversary or any special occasion, well, brighten up their day and bring a wide smile on their face with humorous cards such as Yay for Cats, Hell Yeah Cat, Foolproof Diet For Your Fat Cat: Get A Second, Hungrier Cat, I’m Not a Cat I’m a Cake, Cat has No Concept it’s Your Birthday, Cat Axis of Rotation. The cards by Able and Game are hand printed with a digital press onto 300 GSM paper and comes packaged inside a cello sleeve with a white 100% recycled (from post-consumer waste) envelope, whereas Wally and Co. has its designs hand drawn and written placed inside a brown recycled envelope.
Contrarily, if the person you want to send to is more into gardening along with an admiration for cats then go biodegradable by sending Cat Seed Card from Planet Go Round. Made from recycled paper containing live Australian Swan River Daisy seeds, these need to be simply planted under 3mm of soil and watered well. Now, who ever thought a cat and a flowery garden can come together!   


cat lover book

Books and Jigsaw Puzzles

For the ones looking for more entertainment along with gaining more insight, the Little Instruction Book for Cats from Hardie Grant Books is an indispensable paw-book that provides witty advice and pearls of wisdom and the Cat Book from the same publication is another adorable and interactive book that acts as a great replacement if you don’t actually have a cat as pet.  Likewise the book I Touched A Cat And I Liked It from Able Game is a page turner with beautiful illustrations for those who want more insight about the feline’s mysterious mannerisms! To educate yourself about more different varieties, fix Ridley's Cat Lovers 1000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle , frame it and let them watch over you!




Novelty Gifts for Cat Lovers

Novelty Gifts for Cat Lovers