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“If we can teach people about wildlife, they will be touched. Share my wildlife with me. Because humans want to save things that they love.” 

                                                                                                                ― Steve Irwin

The theme of this year’s World Wildlife Day on March 3, is “Sustaining all Life on Earth,” as per the official website of UN World Wildlife Day. Encompassing of all wild animal and plant species as key components of the world's biodiversity, this day is a celebration of the diverse, distinctive and amazing wild fauna and flora on our planet.

To mark this special day, celebrate and take the opportunity to glorify the world’s biological diversity by picking sustainable gifts that represent nature’s species in their many varied and beautiful forms and show that you care about them not going extinct due to unsustainable human activities. Remember the fact that there is wildlife on this earth is pretty much the reason we are still surviving!


Wild Animal Toys and Games
Pretend animals inspire creative and imaginative play and also helps kids learn about nature and animal kingdom. Allow the babies and toddlers to cuddle Pebble Toy’s cute Crocheted Elephant or Crocheted Panda or amuse them with Zebra Rattle or Wooden Ring Fox Rattle. Handmade in Bangladesh by a non-profit fair trade organization whose mission is to create fairly paid, good quality, flexible and local employment for rural women who are poor and often disadvantaged, these toys bring a smile to many.
For the slightly older children, fix the pieces together to create a beautiful scene of a family of penguins in the Penguin 100 Piece Puzzle from WWF. Drawn from the award-winning WWF photography portfolio, these puzzles are made from green materials. So you are not only supporting WWF, an excellent cause in wilderness preservation but also the environment!
Also, enjoy WWF’s Memory Game – Reptiles or Memory Game – Marine that brings to life 12 wonderful creatures from around the world. Again made with green materials, these games are designed to enrich you’re playing experience by introducing endangered species and conservation themes. Learn about these animals and how WWF works to protect them!



Flip through the pages and enjoy nature’s species in all its forms in books that are informative and vibrant. Let the kids learn the beauty of Australian animals in the books 123 of Australian Animals Kids Book and An Australian ABC of Animals Kids Book or get them engaged with the Animalium Activity Book. For the young naturalists out there My First Book of Nature is the perfect package to spark the little one’s interest in the great outdoors.
The adults can get inspired by Green Nomad’s Wild Places which gives an insight into Australia’s wildness where the native fauna and flora are depicted most powerfully and stunningly! On the other hand, the book A Wilder Life helps connect with nature, from identifying insects and cultivating butterflies to planting a night-blooming garden. 

Beauty and Aromatherapy Products
The term ‘wildlife’ is not just about wild animals but it also takes into account other life in the wild such as birds, insects, plants and even fungi. And some of the wild plants and herbs are nutritious as well as beneficial for beauty and well-being. 
Pamper your skin with nature’s wild ingredients in the form of Therapy Garden Hand Cream Wild Mint and Lime from The Aromatherapy Co. or Hydrating Hand and Body Lotion from Hunter Lab which includes the wild Rosella flower. If not only the skin immerse yourself in the wild aroma from Mojo Candle Co.’s Wild Basil and Cucumber Wine Bottle Candle which is clean, fresh and invigorating, just like a cooling summer cocktail.


Hanky Fever’s tea towels are all about presenting Australia’s wild fauna and flora in its colorful abstract designs. Whether it is Kangaroo Black & WhiteKangaroo & JoeyGalahLavender Magpie or Australian Flora & Fauna these hand-printed and cotton towels which is a modern take on traditional towels can be used to do the dishes or framed up to show its beautiful wildlife designs.
Thurlby Herb Farm’s Go Wild Drawer Sachet, Go Wild Bug Buster, Go Wild Moisturiser Bar and Go Wild Clothing Protector are beautifully designed with vibrant prints of wild cats that are sure to scare and chase the bugs away! Natural insect repellents, these protectors are packed with herbs with lovely fragrances and can be hung or hidden anywhere in your home just like the mysterious and powerful exotic cat in the jungle!
However, if you don’t want to hide your adoration for the wild animals in the cupboard or somewhere in the corner of your house and want to instead showcase your love for it in the open, then place your plants in the Mini Gold Giraffe Vase, Stag Gold Antlers, Elephant Flower Holder, Dinosaur Planter or tiny Panda Flower Holder. Made from earthenware clay, these cute products from Gail Ceramics are all about loving animals and plants!

Clothing and Accessories
Now, what better way to display your admiration for wildlife other than wearing it? Pull up the Inside Sucks Men’s Socks from Blue Q and go out and explore the wild. Or wear One Happy Leaf’s Elephant EarringsWombat Earrings or the GiraffeKangarooStag HeadZebra brooch and stand out presenting the wild animals in the domesticated crowd! Made from bamboo which is a renewable resource, these are one of a kind design.

To sum it up, embrace the wildlife around you and be kind to them avoiding any activity that can cause harm or threat, because as author Mehmet Murat ildan quotes, “Wildlife in the world can only be protected by the love of compassionate hearts in the world!” 

Green Gifts to Celebrate International Wildlife Day!

Green Gifts to Celebrate International Wildlife Day!