Just as how real and authentic the relationship between human and pet is, so should be the care for the four-legged family member. Using natural and organic products that are safe for both pets and the planet is the first step of sustainable pet parenting that must be practiced for safe and healthy grooming and taming!                              

No matter whether your pet pals are high maintenance or low maintenance, Pookipoiga offers a variety of eco-friendly pet care products ranging from poop bags to shampoo that help you get into the green routine which as a result help reduce your pet’s planetary pawprint!

On a mission to try and reduce the 4% of the landfill that is dog poop, Oh Crap’s Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags break down faster than any other bag. Made of cornstarch, an eco-friendly alternative to plastic these useful bags will break down completely in landfill within 3 months or you can just throw it in the composter at home.So help reduce the environmental impact of dog waste and new plastic and go zero-waste!

Regularly grooming your pet helps keep them clean and free of knots and other fur burrowers such as ticks. It also helps to reduce the shedding that is good for you and to eliminate the need for unnecessary lint rollers. Eco Max’s Pet Brush, is handmade from natural coconut fiber which is a sustainable vegetable fiber that has natural anti-bacterial properties hence no molds and bad smell. It can be used wet to help spread the shampoo throughout the coat while washing and then dry to brush out dirt, sand, dry skin cells and loose hairs. The round end of the natural fiber brush is soft enough for the pet’s sensitive skin.

Care for your canines by foaming up the furry ones with ANSC’s natural anti-bacterial Dog Shampoo. A combination of natural flea repellents, eucalyptus, and lavender together with moisturizing oils, this shampoo fights of the muck as well as shines up your loyal companion.

Itchy, scruffy and cranky? Keep your pets insect-free through the Flea Repellent sachets from Thurlby Herb Farm. Founded on strong environmental and ethical principles, Thurlby is known to make fine quality botanically based products without synthetic additives with product packaging predominantly made from recycled cotton fiber.

Along with the flea repellent, clean up those muddy paws with Thurlby Herb Farm’s Woof Wash. This deluxe herbal dog wash shaped like a dog bone is made with essential oils of pennyroyal and tea tree. What better way to pamper those cuddly darlings!

For further pampering use the Snuggle Pup Heat Pack from again Thurlby Herb Farm. This cozy canine comforter is a small pup sized heat pack to slip amongst dogs beddings. So allow them to curl up in the cold nights after a long active day.





Environmentally-Friendly Care for Your Pets

Environmentally-Friendly Care for Your Pets