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When it comes to innovation with paper, The Wren Design is the one. A company recognized for producing remarkable accessories that are made from recycled packaging paper which is fused to the fabric and coated to be water-resistant, WREN’s range of products includes laptop bags, device covers, and gift stationery.

A combination of simple design and eco-friendly manufacturing The Wren Design holds a reputation for sustainable manufacturing, fair business ethics, innovation, and quality workmanship.


How it’s done

Ok firstly, recycled brown paper is collected from a local packaging factory. This is then screen-printed, fused to special cotton that makes it strong enough to stitch, which is later coated with Nano Liquid Glass to be water-resistant.

The treatment using fusion and coating technologies enhances the paper’s strength, therefore making it a functional fabric. The simple design of this unique product mirrors origami and the natural texture of the paper gives the product an appealing tactile quality.

Comprising of bags and wallets to cater to all tastes, all Wren products are handcrafted to ensure durability and the highest quality of workmanship.


Water Resistant all the Way!

In case you accidentally spill a glass of water or are stuck in the rain without an umbrella then worry not, just wipe it out and your bag, the wallet will be fine and will not disintegrate!

Due to the special properties of Nano environmentally friendly coating, the paper surface of WREN products is water and dirt resistant. Nano environmentally friendly coating is when the outside surface of the product has been sprayed with Nano-liquid glass that makes it water-resistant. Depending on the use and friction, this coating lasts two years.

So scroll down for information on these convenient and eco-friendly products that will surely lighten up (pun intended) your look! 


Slim Wallets

Using a single layer of paper and fabric keeps these wallets super slim. Made from cement paper like all of all other products, every wallet is hand-cut, fused, folded and sewn as slowly by machine as it would be by hand. Defining it as “Origami Reimagined,” the single piece of paper is folded where there are 4 pockets in which up to 12 cards can fit. These come in enigmatic colors such as Smoke Blue, Flame and Racing Green among others


Messenger and Sling Bags

The best thing about these bags is that you can customize them by drawing on them if the creative inspiration strikes you!

Merging the lines between style and function, the messenger and sling bags are a classic take on the utility bag. Rain or sun, the single interior pocket is padded to protect your stuff. The bags feature secure snap fasteners and the soft, strong leather strap which are cow hide and certified to meet international standards.


Square Wallet

Inspired by origami folding which looks at careful and clever construction, this billfold wallet is made from a single pattern piece of paper. Held together with precise measurements and stitch, the Square Wallet has 4 card pockets – each that can hold multiple cards, a billfold large enough to fit all currencies, and a hidden coin compartment.

All sections snap together, keeping the wallet super slim and compact, by a central magnet, tucked away from cards to prevent causing any damage. And just like the slim wallets, these come in interesting colors and designs such as Gunmetal and Fern 3 Asplenium (a design featuring photographic images of ferns taken by Thomas C. Blagrave in the mid-1800s).


Laptop Sleeve

Screen-printed using reclaimed paper, fused for strength, padded to protect and coated to be water-resistant, these laptop sleeves come in options such as gunmetal and solid flame orange.

These various screenprints as the paper ages with time, become distressed and the brown paper becomes visible. But this look is even more attractive and one of a kind!


Travel Bag and Travel Folder

Practicality is the most important when it comes to travel. The inside of this combination of cement paper fused to heavy-duty canvas to create form and strength is lined with black medium weight cotton. With two large pockets, the content of the bag will always be organized where leakable products are not mixed up and the removable covered board base at the base makes it easier to pack without crumpling the clothes.

Accompanying you on many trips, the Travel Folder, is designed to carry all the essentials needed for an organised and stress-free travel.  


Adjustable Sling Strap (Vegan)

Transform any Wren Mini, iPad, Tablet or Laptop Sleeve into a clutch, shoulder bag or folio case with a hand-cut and cotton-wrapped vegan rubber strap that is made from textured rubber. For a perfect sling fit, adjust the length of the strap using the buckle.


Natural Paper Backpack

Made from unprinted brown paper that is collected from a local factory in South Africa, these backpacks are handy, stylish and practical!

The paper is fused to the fabric which is then send to the sewers to make up the bags with strong cotton webbing straps. This cotton is locally manufactured and dyed charcoal in South Africa. It is later coated with Nano Liquid Glass for water resistance and to withstand nature’s elements.
























The Wren Design – Stylish Handcrafted Paper Bags

The Wren Design – Stylish Handcrafted Paper Bags