For those who have woken up with the realization of how their present way of living is harming the environment day by day and want to change it, or for those who want to put in more effort and have more ideas in leading their already planet-friendly lifestyle then simply browse through these highly informative books Pookipoiga has to offer that will give you the advantage of a happy, healthy and sustained life!

From publications such as Hardie Grant Books, Harper Collins, United Book Distributers, to name a few, these books are the go-getter for connecting with nature, healthy cooking, teaching kids about our lovely planet and last but not least on a whole becoming an eco-warrior in your way!


Gardening and Connecting with Nature

Grow.Food.Anywhere is a book that redefines what it means to grow food in small spaces. It talks about what plants need, how to get fruits and vegetables to grow and coping with pest and disease, treating and eradicating them.

Guide to Backyard Farming Each chapter in this covers a month of the year with advice on what is happening in the garden at that time and which veggies, fruit, and herbs you should be planting and harvesting.

A Slice of Organic Life Book. With projects for your garden, home, community, and life, this book is the perfect guide to more organic and simple life.

50 Indoor Plants and How Not to Kill Them. A perfect guide for bringing the outdoors in, this book features lots of illustrations, data on which plants are suitable where along with clear advice on how to pot, prune and pet your plants. 

Backyard Bees Book A simple guide for beginners, this book talks about everything you need to know to keep bees on your rooftop, balcony or back yard.



Nature Inspired Books for Kids

My First Book of Nature Split into four sections: Plants, Bugs, Birds and Animals, this bright, engaging and fun book is a perfect package of inspiration to spark a little one’s interest in the outdoors.

My Tree and Me: A Book of Seasons Tracing a story of a little girl and her best friend, an ancient tree, this book looks at how this girl learns to appreciate the natural world as something to be savored and protected and acknowledges her place within it.  

The Book of Bees A lavishly illustrated bee encyclopedia for kids, this book features fascinating facts like beehive design, honey harvesting, honeycomb, and most importantly about bees themselves. 

Here We Are  From Land and sky to people and time, this heartfelt book is for the ones who have just reached this beautiful planet and are eager to explore it.

Explore Your World: Weird, Wild, Amazing! Bursting with bizarre facts and vibrant illustrations, this book deeply dives into the natural world that will enthrall and enlighten young readers.

Animals Kids Book Featuring over thirty different animals that are illustrated in striking graphic style, this charming book is one that people of all ages will enjoy.

Farmblock Kids here are introduced to what life is like on the farm and explores the concept of seasons.

Slow Down World A timely reminder for children and adults alike to slow down, stop and appreciate the world around us, Slow Down World is a whimsical journey towards mindfulness.


Healthy Cooking

The Healthy Convert An indispensable guide on how to use substitutes for refined sugar, bad fats, wheat flours, dairy, eggs, nuts and gluten, these recipes find healthy replacement ingredients to create the same delicious treats.

Vegan for Good A perfect companion for bust lives, this book contains a range of easy vegan multifunctional dishes.

Super Roots Aiming to reinvigorate those traditional recipes that have sustained people healthily for centuries, this book taking inspiration from the east showcases over 60 ways to use herbs, spices, roots, and barks.

Feasts of Veg Focusing on delicious festive vegetable dishes, these recipes are driven by modern plant-based cooking inspired by kitchens all over the world.

Nourish Bowls With countless combinations of vegetables, grains, meat, and fish, this book gives inspiration for creating an inventive and delicious bowl of health-giving food.

What to eat for how you feel: the new Ayurvedic Kitchen Bringing the ancient art of delicious healthy cooking to the twenty-first century with flavors adapted for the contemporary Western palate, this book explains how to create flavorful meals with seasonal ingredients by applying Ayurvedic principles. 

Little Green Kitchen Cookbook Kid-friendly and simple, these dishes are veggie-packed and colorful which is sure to get your fussy little one asking for more!  


Become an Eco Warrior

Simple Acts to Change the World Showing practical strategies to get actively involved every day and taking matters in your own hands, this book emphasizes that even small acts go a long way in creating an impact.

Less is More A collection of inspirational messages and advice that encourages the reader to enjoy life more by living a little more simply, Less is More invites the reader to make small, simple changes in the way they live.

Less Stuff A guide for people who find it difficult to declutter and who don’t want to see things go into waste, Less Stuff teaches on how to let go of your old stuff without sending them to landfill. 

Live Green This book is a practical guide of 52 changes you can make to your home and lifestyle to reduce your impact on the environment.

Plant-Based Beauty The essential guide to detoxing your beauty routine, Plant-Based Beauty is part of a growing global movement that is not just about the food we eat but also the choices we make when it comes to what we wear and the beauty products we use.

Small Ways to Shape Our World This simple book will inspire you to make changes in your everyday life that will quietly reshape our world.

The Little Book of Going Green From pollution and deforestation to industrial production and farming methods, this book is filled with facts, theories, and tips on how we can do our bit for the planet.

A Family Guide to Waste-Free Living A practical and inspiring resource for anyone wanting to live more sustainably, this book gives you all the information, advice, budget-friendly recipes and projects you'll need to start reducing waste in your life.

Inspiring Tiny Homes Bringing together a collection of some of the most incredible small homes, from containers in the city to cabins in the countryside, this book stresses on how one can live well on a smaller footprint for a positive impact on the environment.

Off the Grid All the houses featured in this book show self-sufficiency are in terms of energy, water, and even food. Off the Grid is a perfect book showing homes built in wild and natural settings for a liberating and sustainable lifestyle. 




Books for a Sustainable Lifestyle

Books for a Sustainable Lifestyle