“The business of art is to reveal the relation between man and his environment.”

D.H Lawrence 


When art and sustainability go hand in hand the outcome is a significant one where there is creative satisfaction as a positive bonding with the environment. And when artifacts are derived from the earth itself, the artist breathes a new life into the concept of the art of nature.

A sustainable future will not only be achieved through new technologies and scientific advancements but also and importantly through an artistic mind. One of the most ancient industries where art and sustainability have a strong relationship is the ceramics one. This was born when humans discovered that clay could be found in abundance and formed into objects. The earliest examples of the creative minds of people using ceramics include ancient pottery and the development of porcelain in making simple vessels for carrying liquids and cooking foods.

Creating artifacts that are also functional from ceramics are fun! An incredibly versatile material that can be transformed into any shape is made from a combination of metal and non-metal and is formed by a heating and cooling process. Modern-day ceramic materials are hard and inert, meaning that they do not react chemically with other substances and can withstand exposure to strong acids, bases, and extreme temperatures.

The source material is a key component to determine the sustainability of any consumer product, which in the case of ceramics is clay which is a naturally malleable material composed of minerals and water. This said, ceramics are considered eco-friendly and have a small negative impact on the environment. Moreover, the material is also durable that can last for a very long time.

When we first hear ceramics, we visualize tiles, plates, cups or showpieces such as statues and sculptures with all sorts of interesting creativity engraved on them. It’s rare to find a ceramic piece that is both practical and decorative at the same time. With quirky visual aesthetics and functional properties, Gail Ceramics creates very attractive pots to grow plants. This one of a kind piece is eye-popping containers for a beautiful indoor garden that brings a whole lot of positivity in your homes.

While its visual aesthetics are captivating, there are also many benefits of growing plants in ceramic pots. Firstly it permits air and water movement through the sides of the pot. The air movement stimulates root grown, leading to healthier plants. The clay also wicks moisture from the soil, making ceramic pots a better choice for overwater or dry soil plants which also means plants in ceramic pots require more water than plants in plastic pots which do not allow air exchange and hold moisture longer.

Pookipoiga offers a wide choice of Gail Ceramics' plant and flower holders that come in various shapes, forms and designs of different animals. Some of the interesting ones that are sure to grab attention are Whale with gold barnaclesGold Giraffe planterOctopus planterLarge cow planterCat and bunny planterElephant flower holderEchidna flower holder among many others.

So adorn the indoors of your space by showcasing such handmade artistic pottery that is both conceptual and functional!


The Versatility and Variability of Ceramics

The Versatility and Variability of Ceramics