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According to the UN’s official website, the theme for 2020’s International Forest Day on March 21st is ‘Forests and Biodiversity.’ Everything we do whether it is what we wear, write, read or eat is all connected to this biologically-diverse ecosystem which is vital for us to sustain.
Therefore let’s show our concern and love for forests by gifting ourselves products from sustainable brands which in every ‘sense’ celebrate our wonderful forests!


Smell the Luscious Forests!

Tantalize the senses with an indulgent blend of forest berries along with jasmine and French lilac with Mojo Candle Co.’s natural soy wax Violet and Frosted Berries Wine Bottle Candle. The deep mix of wild boysenberry, raspberry, strawberry with violet and vanilla are so delightfully fragrant that it also affects your taste buds! If not the berries experience the aroma of the woody pine forests with the Mountain Pine Wine Bottle Candle. Fresh, crisp and earthy, this fragrance directly transports you to peaceful and tranquil pine forests.
Apart from candles, another scent that is woody and earthy is the Fearless Narrative Lab Fragrance -a combination of cardamom pepper with a hint of vanilla and deep masculine woods. Likewise, the Bush Blend Kinjarran Clothing Protector from Thurlby Herb Farm lets out a fresh forest fragrance while naturally deterring moths in your cupboards. In general Thurlby Herb Farm products is a range of herbal blends and handmade soaps were developed using traditional botanical knowledge, a thriving garden, and surrounding forests.


Adorn the Vibrant Forests!

Express your love and concern for the forest and trees by wearing Conscious Steps’ Vegan certified Socks that Plant Trees made from organic cotton. Forest green and grey, these socks are courtesy of impact partner Trees for the Future and help plant trees in Uganda. Similarly, Blue Q’s I Fucking Love It Men’s Socks designed with prints of pine trees is all about embracing the outdoors and nature. And while your outdoors and enjoying the scenic beauty carry the Forest Green Earth Bottle. Designed by a Byron Bay photographer this stylish green bottle keeps water cold up to 24 hours and liquids warm up to 12 hours. 
If the feet is not enough to show, go stylish with the Voleak Dress-Grey with Trees or the Keang Top from Tonle made from remnant cotton jersey, the Pink Tree Shawl from Nine Yaks, the cotton Kimono Boxy Top-Forest Floor  from Ana Williams or the stainless steel Coraline Earrings from Ekcelent & Co. which echoes the branches and twigs of a bush or a tree.


Study the Heavenly Forests!

Read about the importance of forests and biodiversity through books such as Planet Earth which focuses on issues like saving Tasmania’s ancient forests, opposing the dumping of nuclear waste in Australia, protesting against Japanese whaling and protection of rainforests among other campaigns. Likewise, centering the natural world is Wilderness: Jungle, Rainforest, Tundra, Taiga, Savanna and Desert which covers the world’s most exotic and famous areas in all its rawness. Discover the underwater wonders and kelp forests in children’s book Little Fish Pop-Up Book and learn more about trees which is synonymous with forests through the book Trees. And last but not least enjoy organic meals through the book Forest Feast Gatherings. The book brings to you simple and beautiful vegetarian recipes with fresh ingredients drawn from nature.



International Forest Day with Products that Celebrate Forests!

International Forest Day with Products that Celebrate Forests!