It's International Women’s Day on March 8 and to celebrate this Pookipoiga brings you some very awesome earth-friendly products created by talented women from various backgrounds. From cosmetics to tea or from clothes to toys, let’s take a look at these wonderful brands founded by highly creative entrepreneurs who all have the common goal of saving the planet in their unique way!


One Happy Leaf

On a mission to make the world a greener place, founder of this sustainable jewellery brand, Anna is passionate about making beautiful jewellery where fashion and sustainability can coexist. Whether it is the Koala StudsWhale Brooch or Echidna Hairpins, these eco-friendly alternatives to mainstream jewellery are ideal for nature lovers and aspiring minimalists. The cute pieces are made from bamboo which is an environmentally friendly alternative as its fast-growing and needs little water to survive.

Lore Lore

Melbourne based textile designer, Lorena Gonzalez specialises in knitted constructed textiles, experimenting and producing all things from homewares to wearable accessories and fully-fashioned garments. From knitwear such as the Giant Pom Pom Wool Beanie to other carefully crafted garments, Loré Loré is all about carrying out principles of slow fashion and understanding the quality of natural fibres.

Flaming Pot

Paula Risanto crochet's journey started as a therapeutic outlet after losing her stillborn daughter, Gabrielle in 2012. This eventually led her to create high-quality handmade ranges to provide well designed handmade keepsake toys, kids accessories and home decor items that hold longevity to pass down the family tree. All of Flamingpot's products including the Animal Doughnut RattleWatermelon Keyring, and Crocheted Hair Ties are handmade from end to end by Paula herself.

Moon Turtle

A project by Anna Birchall in Auckland, New Zealand, Moon Turtle is a 28 day guided notebook designed to support anyone who would like to make improvements to their mental health. The book is based around the idea that there is no one single solution that will relieve mental illness but rather a puzzle that is made up of various tiny pieces that add up to a bigger picture.

Made by Maddles

Multidisciplinary designer and maker, Madeleine or Maddles love bright colours, upcycling, lots of patterns and in general just making fun things. Maddles Made creates a mixture of fashion items, homewares, and accessories. The Bow Tie, for example, have been up-cycled from things such as suit jackets!

Eco Crayons

A mum, a teacher, a business owner and a creative soul, Naomi Parsons visioned the 100% plant-based and non-toxic Eco Crayons after watching daughter, Arleena, chew on crayons and other drawing tools from a young age, which with synthetic colours leeching, staining her skin and caused irritation. The fact that commercial non-toxic art products used pigments containing heavy metals, paraffin (from petroleum), synthetic oxides and micas, plastics and asbestos particles alarmed her and made her research and offer an eco-friendly alternative which is ok for her daughter to chew!

Keiora Candles

Deepa Dasgupta always loved scented soy candles and what started as a hobby is now a small business where exotic candles are created by mixes various fragrances. The brand has collaborated with the award-winning indigenous artist Zachary Bennett Brook from Saltwater Dreamtime and launched Indigenous candle tins. Incorporating 3 of his artworks, the candles are filled with few of exotic Australian inspired fragrances, like the Keiora Australian Floral and Honey Candle.


Delicious natural chocolates with a delightful packaging. Vegan certified Bennetto Natural Foods Company was founded by Lucy Bennetto. With a passion for doing things differently, the company pays careful attention to people, animals, and the planet on the whole. With beautiful artwork on the packaging, their wide chocolates with interesting flavours include Organic Dark Chocolate Amaranth and Sea SaltOrganic Dark Chocolate Coffee BeanOrganic Dark Chocolate Orange with ChilliOrganic Dark Chocolate Raspberries among others.

Organics for Lily

With a background in Neuropathy and a love for tea, Melissa Khonsavang created a range of therapeutic loose leaf herbal teas to promote health, wellness, and balance. Presented as Test Tube Tea or Tea Bag Gift Set, each ingredient has been carefully selected based on traditional evidence and scientific research to ensure maximum therapeutic benefit as well as great taste. All the blends are 100% organic and have been created, tried and tested by Khonsavang herself.


For Leah Sawyer, the products, aesthetics, and production values are a reflection of her ideals and many obsessions. Focusing on eco-friendly jewellery, made from sustainably harvested birch cut using green powder, raw brass and painted with acrylics and fine gold dust, these earing such as the Erela EarringsBriony Earrings, and Willow Earrings are drawn from patterns of ferns, ‘Japanese inspired’ floral patterns and intricate Victorian floral design.

Ana Williams

Ana Williams is a Melbourne based label offering high-quality garments with unique fabric prints. According to the designer, the main focus of the brand is to “offer an alternative to fast fashion in the form of high-quality garments with unique prints, all locally made.” As she quotes, “I do not follow fashion trends but am influenced by contemporary Japanese style clothing - simple lines, loose fit and multiple ways of wearing.” Some of her designs include Kimono Boxy Top-Jelly FishKimono Boxy Top-Forest Floor, and Infinity Scarf.

Ekcelent and Co

Inspired from nature, modern life and strong women, Ekcelent and Co.’s whimsical jewellery are for women who tell their own stories. Designer and creative director, Kate designs all the jewellery while also constructing the pieces ready for shipping to their new homes. Rendered in stainless steel, some of these unique nature-inspired pieces include the Milkweed EarringsCoraline Earrings, and Fir Tip Earrings.


Designed in Australia by jeweller and designer Julia Denes, and handmade in collaboration with Nepali artisans, throughout Nepal, Woodfolk products are proudly Made for the Globally Conscious Woman. Simple, soft and comfortable pieces made in ceramic stoneware include Snowy Mountain Dot StudsSalted Terracotta Diamond Studs, and Salty Rose Large Circle Studs. Woodfolk is committed to working and collaborating with small family-run businesses as well as Women focused organisations, creating opportunity, self-determination, support, and hope in these communities through social entrepreneurship.

Bon Maxie

Due to earring mess, artist, Clare created herself an earring holder and realised there wasn’t anything at all like this on the market! Good looking, wooden and catering for both stud and dangle earrings unlike traditional jewellery trees, Clare shared her creation and that’s how Bon Maxie quickly started an anti-boring earring organisation craze around Australia. Pink Marble Earring HolderNatural Wood Earring Holder or Scandi White Earring Holder, these organisers made from sustainable plywood assures no more earring mess!

Elodie Barker

Well-known professional ceramic artist, Elodie Barker hand-builds numerous sculptures out of various clays. With work based on animals of all kinds, she hand throws bowls of various sizes such as Small Round Ceramic Bowls or Large Square Laksa Ceramic Bowls and decorates them using underglaze pigments.

Erika Harder

Inspired by the latest fashion trends and seasons, Erika Harder’s handmade polymer clay jewellery is available in a wide range of colours and styles. Eye-catching pieces include Large Fan NecklaceErika Harder Bangle, and Pebble Stud Earrings.


Danielle Egan who was initially training as a nail tech found her focus on making non-toxic nail polish. The initial range of 13 nature-inspired colours has expanded to more than 80, with more colours being added seasonally. The luxurious, sustainable, vegan and ethically produced range includes Sienna Nail Polish Eden CollectionBase CoatLightening Top Coat among others.

Luk Beautifood
What happens when cosmetics and food come together? Based harnessing the beauty of food, Luk Beautifood founded by Cindy Luken creates beauty products such as Lip Nourish Lipstick that is made from active foods like cinnamon, vanilla chocolate, peach melon or cherry plum that are toxic-free. According to the brand, its mission is to allow every woman to cultivate her natural beauty without compromising her health and wellbeing.

Apiary Made

The founder of Apiary Made, Celeste Faltyn believes in the power of bees. Apiary Made’s Sustainable Beeswax Food Wraps come in various sizes and are printed with hand-designed patterns containing images such as beehives, bee smokers, honey jars, bees and so on. According to the brand, humans deserve and desire healthy products that will help us and our planet thrive.

Seed and Sprout Co. 

When it comes to eco-conscious storage look no further. On a mission to free plastic from households, founder of Seed and Sprout Co., Sophie Kovic has come with toxic-free storage containers that are good for your health. With Pantry Jars made from borosilicate glass and bamboo lids, Organic Bulk Food Bags made from organic cotton muslin or the stainless steel Leak Proof Eco Food Jars, food storage has never been easier and safer!

Pebble Toys

Last but not least, handmade cuddly and cool crocheted toys from Pebble Toys such as Horse Toy or Koala Stick Rattle are made by Hathay Bunano a non-profit fair trade organization in Bangladesh whose mission is to create fairly paid, good quality, flexible and local employment for rural women who are poor and often disadvantaged. By employing a village setting close to their homes, it aims to keep families together, where mothers can be together with their babies and children. In short, it helps address woman employment where she can support herself as well as her family. 




Top Sustainable Products Created by Women

Top Sustainable Products Created by Women