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Embrace a Greener Lifestyle: Plastic-Free July 2019 Ideas for a Sustainable Future

Can you believe it’s already July?! Which means it’s time for us to join the Plastic-Free July challenge 💪 

Whilst it’s easy to use a lot of plastic, with a little bit of awareness (they do say “knowledge is power”), it’s just as easy to use more friendly alternatives. 

Whether you’re new to Plastic-Free July (🙌) or live plastic-free daily (you super star 🌟), hopefully the below ideas will help you choose to refuse single-use plastics, and make it much less daunting!

Simple & easy changes to refuse single-use plastics:

Tote bag

Want to sign up for the Plastic Free July Challenge?


Want to read about other people who choose to refuse?Read some inspiring stories here: https://www.plasticfreejuly.org/ 

Recycling is important but it doesn’t have to stop there. Let’s REDUCE, REUSE, REFUSE, RETHINK & REPAIR.

Any and all of these simple choices you make are having a positive impact on the environment. The planet says thank you! 🙏


We hope this makes it simple and easy for you to choose to refuse single-use plastics 🤗 

Love from the Pookipoiga team ♥️ 


Plastic-free July 2019 Ideas - Pookipoiga

Plastic-free July 2019 Ideas

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