10 Gift Ideas to Keep Warm this Winter

Gifts for someone who is always cold (or just someone who loves warm things!)

Live the hygge life or be the hyggespreder with 10 warm and cosy gift ideas that embrace Melbourne Winter with sustainability!


1. Insulated Food Flask

Warm food is equal to cold weather. On the go or not, cook your piping hot meal or soup and fill it in an insulated food flask. Keeping contents hot for 6 hours and warm for 12 hours, these are perfect carriers for work or even when at home and cannot be bothered to heat that leftover lunch for dinner. In a way saves energy too!!


2. Winter Comfort Essential Oil

Suffering from seasonal depression? Want to boost energy and keep up your spirits? Comfort the body and mind with essential oils that help you get through the season happy and healthy! A blend of clove, eucalyptus, lemon, and tea tree oils will help stay cosy and build immunity. Apply on skin, dilute in your bath, or add a few drops in the diffuser and let aromatherapy take over!

Before you know, Spring will be around the corner!


3. Cashmere or Merino Wool Clothing

While one is fine goat hair, the other is sheep wool. While one has its roots in Central Asia, the other is native to the Land Down Under. And when one tops the luxury department, the other wins in durability.

Tough to choose but easy and cosy to slip into, our Cashmere and Merino Wool collection from Nine Yaks and Tightology make winter gifting fashionable, snug, and vibrant!


4. Turmeric Tea

Swap your regular tea with turmeric tea and feel the difference! The ancient yellow-coloured spice known to improve your immunity and help prevent various health issues associated with cold weather is also a natural mood booster!

Packed with a warm blend of cinnamon, turmeric root, and ginger, the turmeric tea from Organics for Lily is crafted with such therapeutic benefits. Just place a heaped teaspoon of tea per cup (250ml) into a teapot, tea bottle, or infuser and brew for 3-5+ minutes. Feel free to squeeze some lemon or drops of honey to enhance the taste and goodness!


5. Hot Chocolate

Winter warmers that soothe the chills!

Nothing is snugger than cuddling up on the couch, sipping a cup of smooth hot chocolate on a frosty day. Gentle but deep, complex in taste yet simple in ingredients, the artisanal range of Mork Hot Chocolate is a treat that is hyggelicious for the body and soul!

Stock up these gluten-free and diabetic-friendly flavours for the season!


6. Masala Chai

Spice up the weather with a cup of chai! With the medicinal properties of ginger, a sip of masala chai on a winter morning soothes any symptoms of cold and cough.

Pour a combination of a smooth and perfectly balanced masala of sweet cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and a hint of black peppercorn or a deep masala blend of additional spices for an extra kick. Feel blissful while you look at the fog-glazed windows.


7. Bath Salts

A warm bath after a day out in the cold is pure bliss. Being prone to dry skin during winter is common when itchiness and flakiness take over, making it difficult for your skin. And it is not just the cold air that causes this but also exposure to indoor heating.

A warm shower or bath infused with bath salts from Summer Salt Body is an excellent way to hydrate and soften the skin while easing stress in our mind, body, and muscles. And in case you are not up for a bath (‘cos laziness is part of the weather!) and want to soak your hands or tired feet for a while, go ahead and feel spa–ampered!


8. Reed Diffusers

Illuminate your cosy nest with a warm, homely, and earthly Tobacco and Hay Reed diffuser from Mojo Candle Co! By striking the right notes, a reed diffuser is a great way to add constant fragrance to a room without the hassle of plugging in or the need for heat. An alternative to electric diffusers, these are hand-poured in small batches with premium-quality reed diffuser oil and premium-grade fragrance oils. And unlike candles, they disperse scent into the air naturally flame-free and heat-free. Question of longevity? If you sense a decline in the fragrance, turn over the reeds to recharge and release a new wave of scent!

Feel free to display this stylish reclaimed beer bottle as a centerpiece and catch a whiff of them every time you walk by it.


9. Vegan Cookbook

Perfect for vegans and non-vegans alike, the Five Ingredient Vegan cookbook is packed with easy, healthy, and delicious recipes for home cooks, with minimal fuss. Put your heart at ease with soups such as miso, mum's lentil soup, beetroot and vodka, spicy coconut and noodle, spinach, and pea. And satisfy your appetite without slogging with easy-to-make lunches, suppers, and desserts (hot lemon pudding anyone?).


10. Ceramic Reusable Cups

Why does coffee taste better out of a ceramic mug or cup?

A solid and neutral material, ceramic neither absorbs nor imparts flavours, leaving your coffee to taste the way it should! Perfect during winters because it retains heat (better than glass) and resistant to high temperature. Feel free to pour a piping hot drink because these guys are not prone to break like glass because the heat transfer is relatively slow.

Sip some hot/warm coffee by the fireplace or on the go in these gorgeous handmade reusable ceramic cups from Bryteka Pottery.  Indulge in both the latte and the beautiful art design on the pottery piece.


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10 Gift Ideas to Keep Warm this Winter