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Nine Yaks

Providing high-quality fashion accessories that don’t cost the earth, Nine Yaks aims to protect the environment and use natural resources sustainably to create an array of beautiful clothing and accessories. Working with artisans who make these wonderful products, Nine Yaks actively takes responsibility for ensuring fair working conditions for them. A strong example of sustainable and ethical business practice, the brand also share their profits with effective charities.

Ponchos, wraps, scarves, and throws are made from 100% Cashmere or Linen with vegetable-based dyes.



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Cashmere Comb Cashmere Comb
Cashmere Comb
Sale price€6,95
Save €27,00
Cashmere Poncho PonchoCashmere Poncho Poncho
Cashmere Poncho
Sale price€66,95 Regular price€93,95
Save €20,00
Luxury Series Cashmere Shawls ShawlLuxury Series Cashmere Shawls Shawl
Luxury Series Cashmere Shawls
Sale price€100,95 Regular price€120,95
Save €34,00
Button Poncho - 16 colours PonchoButton Poncho - 16 colours Poncho
Button Poncho - 16 colours
Sale price€66,95 Regular price€100,95
White Bird Shawl Scarf
White Bird Shawl
Sale price€19,95
Save €13,00
Fine Cashmere Stole ScarfFine Cashmere Stole Scarf
Fine Cashmere Stole
Sale price€66,95 Regular price€79,95
Sold out
Blue Geometric shawl Scarf
Blue Geometric shawl
Sale price€19,95
Amélie Jersey - 4 Colours ClothingAmélie Jersey - 4 Colours Clothing
Amélie Jersey - 4 Colours
Sale price€113,95
Linen Scarf Paisley ScarfLinen Scarf Paisley Scarf
Linen Scarf Paisley
Sale price€22,95
Save €3,00
Orange Bird Shawl Scarf
Orange Bird Shawl
Sale price€16,95 Regular price€19,95
Green Bird Shawl Scarf
Green Bird Shawl
Sale price€19,95
Save €34,00
Natural Cashmere Poncho - 8 colours PonchoNatural Cashmere Poncho - 8 colours Poncho
Natural Cashmere Poncho - 8 colours
Sale priceFrom €79,95 Regular price€113,95
Save €68,00
Chunky Cashmere Throw HomewaresChunky Cashmere Throw Homewares
Chunky Cashmere Throw
Sale price€200,95 Regular price€268,95
Save €7,00
100% Pashmina/Cashmere Assorted Shawls Scarf
100% Pashmina/Cashmere Assorted Shawls
Sale price€46,95 Regular price€53,95
Blue Silk scarf Clothing
Blue Silk scarf
Sale price€26,95
Save €67,00
Cable Knit natural cashmere Shawl AccessoriesCable Knit natural cashmere Shawl Accessories
Cable Knit natural cashmere Shawl
Sale priceFrom €66,95 Regular price€133,95
Knitted Cashmere Shawl AccessoriesKnitted Cashmere Shawl Accessories
Knitted Cashmere Shawl
Sale price€113,95
Natural Cashmere Shawl - Light Brown Accessories
Linen Scarf Blue ScarfLinen Scarf Blue Scarf
Linen Scarf Blue
Sale price€22,95
Spots shawl Scarf
Spots shawl
Sale price€19,95
Multicoloured Bird Shawl Scarf
Multicoloured Bird Shawl
Sale price€19,95
Save €13,00
Cashmere Sweater SweaterCashmere Sweater Sweater
Cashmere Sweater
Sale price€66,95 Regular price€79,95
Linen Scarf Natural, Purple and Orange ScarfLinen Scarf Natural, Purple and Orange Scarf
Paint Splatter Shawl Scarf
Paint Splatter Shawl
Sale price€19,95