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12 Unbeatable Kris Kringle Present Ideas Under $30 from Melbourne

Santa Claus? Père Noël? Father Christmas? Saint Nick? Papa Noel? Joulupukki? Nope, Mr. Kringle for us peeps here!

Finding the perfect Kris Kringle or Secret Santa gift can be fun and overwhelming at the same time, especially when you have to do it for multiple groups back to back. Coworkers, family, or your besties, there is always the challenging task of not going wrong with the gifts!

But not to panic and spend too much time sending that confused emoji asking your go-to person (Google for most nowadays) for advice on what to get. You have indeed landed on the right page, or as we like to call - ‘Mr. Kringles’ eco-paradise!’ Well, why not? After all, would it be so unbelievable to say that this long-time loved-by-all philanthropist from Finland may have a connection with an eco-store with a Finnish name??

Ok, enough with the ‘subtle’ bragging. With a quirky and clever range of products made right here in Melbourne, browse through the best you can gift for that randomly picked name in the hat. Skincare, home décor, house plants, or even healthy food make an impression and let everyone secretly wish that you draw their name for the next Kris Kringle!!  

P.S To make it even easier for your pockets, we have you covered on a friendly budget too!!


blue q socks

1. Blue Q’s Fun Socks

Ho! Ho! Ho! Socks from Secret Santa? Yes, please!! Wear a fun-filled (no pun-intended) sock that speaks your mood and lightens up the mood :) Blue Q’s funny, quirky, and little twisted cotton socks make Kris Kringle a joyous and easy affair!!!


Summer Salt Body essential roller

2. Summer Salt Body’s Essential Roller

Who does not want clarity in their life? You know to clearly identify what matters, eat well, or eliminate distractions.

The Clear Quartz infused oil with a Clear Quartz rollerball promotes transformation, clarity, manifestation, and healing. Roll it on the wrists, temples, and behind the ears and help bring clarity and transform negative thought patterns into positive ones.

Not just health, you care for your recipient's wellbeing too!

 Able and Game tea towel

3. Able and Game’s Tea Towel

Flattery may be excessive praise, but it is impressive when you use it to compare the person with Melbourne’s coffee.

For someone who loves coffee and flattery, this tea towel ups the game as a gift idea that can bring the feeling of positivity and simple joy every time you pass by it!

Printed in Melbourne on 100% linen with a screen print that suits the fabric perfectly, you can use it to do the dishes or frame it!

 Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma

4. Indoor Plants

Put aside the same old coffee mugs or stationary and bring a wave of fresh new air with a potted plant instead! On the office table or placed in a corner, plants are proved to liven the space.

Gifting plants require more thought when compared to others. Why? Because you do not want the recipient to end up killing the plant you gifted! So, the best choice? Select a variety that is hassle-free and requires low maintenance suited even for a black thumb! One such resilient plant is the Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma. With a unique characteristic of growing sideways, this plant with holes is easy to take care of, requiring indirect light and very little water.

Fancy it up by gifting the plant with any of Paper Pottery's indoor plant pots. We have Christmas themed ones too!!

 Alperstein Design’s Plates

5. Alperstein Designs’ Plates

For an artsy food lover!  A 7 inch Fine Bone China Plate, featuring artwork by Warlukurlangu Artists of Yuendumu, Australia, is a stunning gift idea for anyone who loves to admire the beauty of aboriginal artwork on their table. Works also well for a colleague who likes to bring their special cutlery for lunch and show off among their peers! Wait, you could pair this with any Alperstein Design’s Bowl and make it extra special!

A functional piece of art for dinner or something to display on the wall, this gift idea is sure to stand out!

 heat pack

6. Sabine & Sparrow’s Heat Pack

There is always that one person at work, family, or a friend who is self-reliable, versatile, and copes extremely well in any circumstances! Always on the lookout for something to add a little excitement to their world, don't you reckon these guys need to take a back seat, relax and soothe those muscles with a heat pack?

Filled with locally sourced treated wheat, which has excellent heat retention and longevity, these tools are the ultimate natural relief for pain and soreness. Works well when chilled as well, especially for burns and injuries or just a summer coolant!

 Mork Dark Milk and River Salt Hot Chocolate

7. Mork Chocolate’s Dark Milk and River Salt Hot Chocolate

What happens when the fruity-tasting Madagascan cacao meets the delicately flavoured Murray River salt flakes in the presence of creamy milk and coconut blossom sugar? A delicious sweet and savoury blend of hot chocolate! 

One of the most authentic gifts you can give,Mork Chocolate’s Dark Milk and River Salt Hot Chocolate is a smooth and creamy hot chocolate experience with dark caramel notes, hints of malt and honey, and a salty tingle.

If anyone likes to give their taste buds a workout by trying new combinations, this flavour of artisanal chocolate is the one for them! After all, Mork is voted as one of the top experiences to have while in Melbourne by Timeout and Google :)

 Chai Addict

8. Chai Addict’s Dirty Chai

We make our own chai and this is the closest thing to fresh authentic chai to be made instantly from a bottle.

The Dirty Chai from Chai Addict is for those who love both – tea and coffee and are curious to find out how the combination of both will taste!
A blend with a twist! An exciting combination of sweet chai with dark coffee - this concentrate is a powerhouse of choc-hazelnut coffee notes soothed with chai’s sweet, warming, and aromatic spices.

A tea lover, a coffee lover, or someone who loves to experiment with beverages, this bottle will make them happy!

stretch lids

9. Seed & Sprout's Reusable Stretch Lids Set

Stretch it till you can fit it! Put an end to plastic lids with these silicone stretch lids that fit over any square and round container. Just choose the size closest to your bowl, dish, container, or half-eaten fruit and stretch it over. A super cover-up choice on even over watermelon or a grapefruit!


bee seed bomb

10. Lil Bit's Bee Seed Bombs

Cute little bombs that naturally explode into attractive herbs and flowers for pollinators to feed on! Comprising of organic matter and nutrients, these natural clay seed balls with the right conditions will break down and germinate and bloom. All you need to do is place or drop them on the soil surface and let nature take its course!

Presented as 6 seed bombs in biodegradable calico bags with a paper tag, these make mindful gifts for anyone who loves to grow a bee-autiful garden!


eye pillow

11. Thurlby Herb Farm's Flourish Eye pillow

Any particular attention seekers among your family members or friends? You know, someone who loves to flourish? Think no more because we have the best gift for them!

Thurlby Herb Farm’s beautiful Flourish Eye pillow, which comes in a beautiful traditional floral fabric, works in helping headaches using acupressure across the brow with the presence of soothing lavender and linseed. Something they could do with after all those flourishing acts of joy!

 Exfoliating soap bar

12. Hunter Lab’s Exfoliating Hand and Body Bar

Colleagues, family, friends, or yourself, it is always a good idea to raise the bar and set higher goals in any relationship. And gifting a soap bar that works hard to make someone feel all so pampered might be the good step!

The Exfoliating Hand and Body Bar is Christmas for the skin! Black Clay, Activated Charcoal, and Pumice to deeply clean, cleanse and remove dead skin, and Australian Sweet Almond and Olive oils to hydrate, regenerate. This soap works wonders on the skin, making your recipient feel bright and cherry for all seasons!

For more gift ideas under $30, shop here!

12 Best Kris Kringle Present Ideas below $30 from Melbourne - Pookipoiga

12 Best Kris Kringle Present Ideas below $30 from Melbourne