Natural Ways to Keep Moths Away

What are the best moth repellents? Apart from store-brought unpleasant chemical-filled mothballs or sprays (which can be harmful and possess side effects), have you considered how to keep moths away naturally without any side effects? 

With natural moth-repellers in the form of sachets filled with herbs and bottles of essential oils along with some basic tips, scroll down to see some natural ways to keep moths away from pantry, clothing, and even anywhere outside or inside your home.


pantry moth repellent

For the Pantry

How can you get rid of pantry months naturally?

Before seeking some natural repellents, you need to firstly:

  1. Look for webbing and small holes in the packaged food you are planning to purchase
  2. Use tightly sealed containers to store susceptible food products. For example, partially cooked seafood, poultry, or even certain fruits and vegetables. Glass food storages are ideal.
  3. Clean up food spills and waste promptly. Invest in a home compost bin as they reduce food garbage in your kitchen. When you clean the floor or worktops, pay attention to any small cracks and crevices in case food waste is stuck. Vacuuming these areas will be perfect!

So after you have checked all these points, time to place some incredible natural anti-insect pantry repellents. And here are some amazing ones from Thurlby Herb Farm:

This set of 3 sachets of traditional anti-insect herbs, each with a loop, is easy to hang in your pantry and cupboards. The beautifully designed sachets made from plant-based blue dye indigo (obtained through a complicated process of fermentation and cultivation) contain cloves, wormwood, lavender, rosemary, and essential oils. Enough for the moths to disappear into the blue (pun intended)!

 According to Australian consumer law, 'free-range' chicken essentially means that the birds have "meaningful and regular access to the outdoors." Well, the only difference here is that these Kitchen Pantry Poultry have meaningful access to your indoors! Filled with a traditional mix of insect deterring herbs and essential oils, these keepers naturally gets rid of your pantry of pesky critters! Makes an essential gift idea for those whose love for poultry is beyond a traditional Christmas roast!

Pest repellents also look like kitchen décor!

Make way for Mandala art on this set of 3 sachets of traditional anti-insect herbs (cloves, wormwood, lavender, rosemary, and essential oils). Hang these attractive geometric designs in your pantry and cupboards, and enjoy the artwork while feeling relieved anytime you open to take the stuff you need!

 clothing protector

For the Cupboards and Drawers

The best way to keep moths away from clothing is to follow these steps before placing any repellents:

  1. Wash all your clothes and dry them under the sun as this helps kill any larvae that might be present. Even better if you can iron them before storing them. Try using ANSC’S natural soap flakes, combing with Tea Tree or Eucalyptus essential oils for their natural anti-bacterial properties.
  2. It’s a good idea to store the clothing in sealed containers or bags before placing them in your cupboards or drawers, so there is less entry access for those pesky creatures. 
  3. Avoid storing them in a moist environment. Moths enjoy living and breeding in moist places, so a dry area will make your clothes feel comfortable and less disturbed.

Moths generally like to hang out in the dark closets or drawers by sticking onto and slowly infesting your clothes and fabrics. Once you have followed the basic steps above, you can accompany your dresses, t-shirts, undergarments, etc. with these fresh natural clothing protectors or drawer sachets!! 

  • The Citrus Twist Clothing Protector – Moths hate citrus smells! Hang this sachet in your cupboard to naturally perfume and freshen your clothing while repelling insects!
  • The Gondwana Clothing Protector - Featuring a form of art design from folk and tribal art, the Gondwana Clothing Protector is an herbal anti-moth protector to hang in your cupboard to naturally perfume and freshen your clothing while repelling insects.
  • Kinjarran Bush Drawer Sachet - Beautiful looking and smelling Drawer sachet to keep moths away! All you need to do is, scrape the block a little every few months to refresh the smell and effectiveness. It will last long in the months to come!
  • Herbal Spice Anti-Moth – This anti-moth clothing protector is all spiced with the powerful essential oil of sandalwood in a long lasting solid block with a classic black paper packaging with white stitching.
  • Oriental Garden Clothing Protector – Is your mum or best friend obsessed with oriental design? Then they will love this pretty looking clothing protectors featuring oriental designs that can be hung in your closet or anywhere in your bedroom.
  • Spring here we come! Featuring colourful floral prints, adorn your closets and drawers with Prickly Drawer Sachet and Prickly Clothing Protector and say goodbye to the moths!

  natural insect repellent

For the Outdoors

Enjoying your barbeque in the beautiful weather with friends and family, but do you have to shoo away the bugs flying around your juicy grill? Well, not when you have Lil Bit’s Shoo! Organic Insect Spray! Made from all-natural ingredients. A combination of woody, citrus, and floral tones, this spray also makes a beautiful and purposeful summer perfume! Just spray everywhere (including yourself!) 

Great for outdoors and indoors alike!

 insect repelling essential oils

Natural moth repelling essential oils

Apart from these ready-made gorgeous natural insect repellents from Thurlby Herb Farm and Lil Bit’, you can also mix and match very effective essential oils.

- While lavender smells beautiful to us, moths and other insects find it to be very repulsive. Also, a lavender essential oil is the best to store woolen clothes.

 - Apart from killing mold, viruses, and bacteria, peppermint essential oil can also chase away moths from the area.

 - Try combining lavender and lemon essential oils! When it comes to successfully repelling insects, lavender and lemon essential oils work well together and complement one another. Moths are sensitive and cannot withstand the scent of lemon or lavender.
-And if you want to get rid of spiders, mice, and mosquitoes – make way for the Pest Trio Pack containing lemon, citronella, and peppermint essential oils.

Ways to use essential oils to get rid of moths:

  • Add a few drops of lavender and lemon essential oils in the corners of your closet at least once a week. 
  • Soak essential oil in cotton balls and put them in your off-season clothing boxes, drawers, and closets.
  • Make a spray of the oils (half water and half the oils) and lightly mist your clothes. Although, avoid using this in humid closets or drawers. 


With all these prevention tips and natural products, look forward to an undisturbed and moth-free home throughout the year!


Natural Ways to Keep Moths Away

Natural Ways to Keep Moths Away