Spending time in the hospital is a very challenging one. Visiting one can be a challenge too because of the question of what exactly to get them. The point is to gift them something of good use and at the same time bring smiles amidst the gloomy surroundings. Flowers, stuffed toys, and chocolates (we do have some) – cliché much? We agree too!

But not to think too hard because we have come up with a well-thought-out list of fun, practical gifts that will brighten and lighten up hospital stay!



Blue Q sanitiser


1. Hand Sanitizers

Ok, so this one may not be thought of as being a very compassionate one, given that nowadays sanitisers are there practically everywhere you look, so why would one want to gift one? But when you have quirky sanitisers with crazy lines like the ones from Blue Q, your hospitalised loved one will thank you for sustaining their sanity!


Nine Yaks Cashmere Shawl

2. Shawls and Throws

Gifts that make the patient feel like a comforting warm hug! Hospitals can sometimes get chilly, so wrapping around a pure cashmere throw or shawl   can feel oh-so-toasty. Making a hospital room a little cozier for your friend will be much appreciated! Besides, they are a great way to cover or make those hospital gowns look good!!


Tongue-Tied game

3. Games, Jigsaw Puzzles

What better gifts to beat the boredom and kill time? Guaranteed to lighten up the mood and dull ambiance is the exciting range of matchbox games from Ginger Fox. Tongue-Tied, Scridoodle, or Arrogance, these entertainers are perfect for gifting in their compactness and fun element!

Jigsaw puzzles are also something that provides hours of entertainment for adults and children alike. An exploration of the interaction between colour and light through the visionary work of Carnovsky, the Animals  one again from Ginger Fox turns one puzzle into three stunning pictures through the red, green, and blue viewing glasses. A super cool gift of all ages!


heat pack and eye pillow

4. Heat Packs and Eye Pillows

Being bedridden is not a pleasant feeling making one experience mental and physical stress. Gifts that are calming are a great idea to beat this, and what better than some eye pillows and heat packs filled with soothing herbs!

Super-efficient in relieving aching muscles, stomach, or back problems, heat packs (that functions hot or cold) are great for providing support during recovery periods, like surgery.

In addition to aiding daytime naps by blocking out the light, eye pillows prove to help in wellness and relaxation too. Moreover, these little tools support doing yoga and meditation, making the patient less tense or anxious. Of course, this would entirely depend on the possibility of meditating and trying out some asanas on the hospital bed, but it’s something they could try while recovering at home.

vegan chocolate

5. Hot Chocolate or Some Funny Bars!

Chocolates are therapeutic. That is a fact.

Another comfort gift you can carry is a range of natural, gluten-free, and diabetes-free hot chocolate from Mork Chocolate. A sip will lighten up the mood and aid brain activity which is key to recovery.

Alternatively, if you want to cheer them up with some humour, gift some Bellabery Chocolates, and they will not feel too bad about their current situation.  Emergency Chocolate, or Chocolate makes it All Bearable - as they say, laughter is the best medicine, and we say so are chocolates!


insulated food flask

6. Food Flasks and Drink Flasks

Some of the most practical items you can gift!

Stainless steel double-wall insulated to store hot or cold food and beverages. The Insulated Food Flask keeps contents hot for 6 hours and cold for 24 hours, and the Insulated Drink Flask keeps things hot or cold for 12 to 24 hours. Both being leakproof and lightweight, with a sleek, minimalist design is easy to clean too.

If you want to make gifting these a bit more special, fill them with the patient’s favourite home-cooked meal or some brewed tea or smoothie and carry them when you visit. In this way, they are sure to feel at home!



care package

7. Pampering Care Packages

Although these gifts are more for people recovering from home as it would be rather impractical to use them in the hospital, you can always send or carry them while they are still there for the encouragement!

Show that they have something to look forward to with Seed and Sprout’s Care Package. What does it include? A wooden hairbrush, facial loofahs, bamboo/cotton make-up rounds, a konjac sponge, sisal body brush, sisal soap saver bag, foot pumice, bamboo cotton buds, bamboo toothbrush, and rose gold tongue scraper. This eco pamper package is a sustainable way of saying, “take good care of yourself.”

Likewise, Summer Salt Body’s Self Care Pack that includes mini sachets of clay, scrub, and soak along with a brush is the ultimate self-care ritual bundle that rejuvenates the mind, body, and soul!


8. Journals

Being confined to bed for long can have physiological effects on some, leading to depression and so on. Known to nurture mental wellness, the

7-day Mini Moon Turtle Mood Journal helps one make a comfy, safe and happy home for themselves in their own mind! By penning down thoughts, feelings, and actions every day makes a big difference in an overall sense of well being.



essential oil roll-on


9. Diffuser with Essential Oils or Just Essential OIls

Aromae’s Electric Diffuser gift set with Relaxation Pack Trio comes with Relaxation, Lavender, and Lemongrass essential oils. Add a few drops, and this device does the job of humidifying the dry air, killing bacteria and fungus present, and spreading beautiful scents that calm the mind. A super functional gift set, known to improve health, increase energy, and get better sound sleep

However, do check with the hospital first because some tend to prohibit such diffusers in their rooms. So, if that’s the case, roll-ons or pulse points are also a great gifting option. Some of the popular calming aromatherapy scents include lavender, chamomile, sandalwood, mandarin, and bergamot. And if the patient is experiencing nausea or vomiting, a few drops of peppermint oil on a handkerchief will do the trick!! 


10. Self-Help and Humour Boooks

Because laughter is the best medicine!

Nothing more uplifting than to amuse a bedridden person.Check out our Self-Help & Humour books collection and get some light-hearted perspective on life and everything!


PS:  Pookipoiga is near Epworth Hospital in Richmond, We are also not too far many other Melbourne hospitals like St Vincent's Hospital or Epworth Freemasons Hospital. You can also get the gifts delivered on a particular day or same day using our delivery services. 

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