Pebble Crocheted Toys

Pebble Toys

Adorable crocheted toys handmade with soft organic cotton yarn by Hathay Bunano - a non-profit fair trade organization in Bangladesh whose mission is to create fairly paid, good quality, flexible and local employment for rural women who are poor and often disadvantaged.

Translated into handmade or hand knitted in Bangla, Hathay Bunano aims to employ in rural areas to prevent economic migration to the cities. By employing a village setting close to their homes, it aims to keep families together, where mothers can be together with their babies and children. Above all, it aims to address woman employment where she can support herself as well as her family.

A gorgeous baby gift that does good!!



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Donkey rattle ToyDonkey rattle Toy
Donkey rattle
Sale price€22,95
Octopus Rattle ToyOctopus Rattle Toy
Octopus Rattle
Sale price€16,95
Giraffe Toy ToyGiraffe Toy Toy
Giraffe Toy
Sale price€24,95
Fox rattle Toy
Fox rattle
Sale price€22,95
Ribbed Hat - Pebble Toys HatRibbed Hat - Pebble Toys Hat
Ribbed Hat - Pebble Toys
Sale price€18,95
Large Giraffe ToyLarge Giraffe Toy
Large Giraffe
Sale price€37,95
Humpty Dumpty Rattle Toy
Humpty Dumpty Rattle
Sale price€22,95
Bunny - rainbow multi Toy
Bunny - rainbow multi
Sale price€20,95
Humpty Dumpty Toy Toy
Humpty Dumpty Toy
Sale price€37,95
Pixie Ring ToyPixie Ring Toy
Pixie Ring
Sale price€15,95
Rattles - crab - red - Pookipoiga
Rattles - crab - red
Sale price€13,95
Stick rattle – bunny multi stripe - Organic Toy
Flamingo rattle Toy
Flamingo rattle
Sale price€22,95
Kangaroo with Joey Toy
Kangaroo with Joey
Sale price€48,95
Stick rattle – lion organic Toy
Stick rattle – lion organic
Sale price€15,95
Sold out
Bunny Rattle ToyBunny Rattle Toy
Bunny Rattle
Sale price€22,95
Sold out
Koala Stick Rattle Toy
Koala Stick Rattle
Sale price€13,95
Sold out
Friendly baby carrot Toy
Friendly baby carrot
Sale price€9,95
Sold out
Dinosaur rattles ToyDinosaur rattles Toy
Dinosaur rattles
Sale price€20,95