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Pick your favourites from our list of fabulous Mother’s Day gift ideas in Melbourne.

Nurturing, kindness, and willingness (well, most of the time) to take any crap from you during your growing years, let’s not forget that mothers are not just mothers but also women with unique personalities that they want to cherish and feel acknowledged.

Mother’s Day is one such opportunity to show your appreciation for your mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, aunts, stepmother, godmother, or any mother figure in your life for being there for you, and that your value and respect for the person or superhuman they are. Make them feel really special! Here are a few gift ideas, if your mum like to be spoilt.

Whether she loves being a hostess or a complete badass who has it her way or no way, fashionista or fastidious, there is something unconventionally conventional here for all types of mothers out there!



Fashionable Mum

For the mother who loves to dress up and look their best all the time, gift them stylish and practical slow fashion wear that they are sure to treasure.

The new turban style shower cap!! Crafted from luxuriously soft and stretchy premium fabric with a waterproof lining, Louvelle’s original and patented turban-style is a must have for every mum who enjoys a little everyday luxury! Along with being plastic-free ((goodbye landfill!), these are available in a range of fun and fashion-forward colours and patterns. Click here to know more about how to wear these stylish caps that are even good enough to wear on the street!!

And if she is a accessory lover, go for Topheads’ Katie J - the small cat eye shades handcrafted from recycled wood and stainless steel or Elvis & Kresse’s West End Belt made from retired fire-hose pipes!


Homelea Lass

Crafty/ DIY Obsessed Mum

The pretty cups on the shelf or the warm sweater you got last winter were all handmade by Mum! If your mum is into crafty stuff, cheer her up with the DIY Pottery Kit or the Homelea Bliss Chunky Yarn Mini Skeins. She is sure to have something special ready for your next birthday! - You have to first give and getting is the other side of coin which follows.



Blue Q oven mitts

Badass Mum

Ok, this one will require a bit more care and thought due to the fear of a not-so-nice in-your-face comment! Not to worry because we have just the correct type of quirky stuff for your politically incorrect mum that will get her to laugh out loud or even get out an “awwweeeee that’s SO ME” kinda response!

 Aprons, socks, or oven mitts from Blue Q are all about expressions that your kickass mum can make effortlessly! Lines such as, ‘I love my asshole kids,’ ‘oops I'm drunk,’ ‘get the hell out of my kitchen,’ ‘a la mode,’ ‘go away,’ ‘I am complicated’ or ‘I’ve got a knife,’ are probably some of the stuff that you have already heard many times!


baking book

Hostess Mum

If your mother likes to have guests over and loves to play the perfect hostess, you could gift her something that will get her to impress! Natalie Paull’s creative and inspiring Beatrix Bakes is the divine guide to those who love to perfect and present their baking skills. The delicious copy comes with a complimentary reusable cotton tote bag with it, something she could use when shopping for such gatherings! On the other hand, if your mum likes to have her girlfriends over for some fun mojitos or martinis, the Bartender's Cocktail Shaker from Gentlemen’s Hardware features five popular recipes that she can serve and show off!


Foodie or Sweet Tooth Mum

Is your mother both a pizza and candy lover? Ever thought of gifting her a pizza with candy toppings?

A smooth chocolate taste with the chewy goodness of licorice, Junee’s Pizza Wheel features each slice with different organic and palm oil free chocolate licorice yummy toppings. A perfect shared dessert for you and mum!

On the other hand if she was recently talking about the idea of packing some chutney or jam for your next picnic outing – say hello to the best ones from Country Provedore! A fresh burst of fruity sensations with the sweet and tangy Mango Chutney or the beautiful textured and vibrant Rhurbarb and Raspberry Preserve are good to go in the basket!


Outdoorsy Mum

For the mum who likes adventure or finds calmness in the outdoors, a gift that travels along with her with practicality is something she could use for her impromptu escapades with family or friends. Again Gentlemen’s Hardware’s Adventure Begins Survival Kit is something she can carry in her backpack!


earring holder

Organised Mum (or disorganised mum!)

It is nice to have an organised mum, especially when you have unexpected visitors coming home, and space saves you the embarrassment to clutter! If your mother likes to keep everything in place and that too with an eco-conscious mind, check out some nice-looking plastic-free storage containers designed to arrange in the perfect order. And if not just the kitchen or pantry, give an organised and comfortable home for her jewellery collection with Bon Maxie’s earrings, ring, or necklace holders made from natural wood or metal.


Blue Q socks


New Mum

There are two sides to choosing this one. For one, you could get something practical and functional to ease the burden of life's new tiny stressors. A great option is the ultimate Baby Gift Set. Now you probably might be thinking that she would have got already got these in her baby shower, but no harm in being super practical. After all, they will never be of waste!

Alternatively, you can get her something that will help her kick back and rejuvenate from the stressors!! She will be craving for some relaxing and self-time right now, and at least a bit of her pre-mummy days! Some well-deserved self-pampering stuff includes Bath Salts from Summer Salt Body, Eye Pillows, and Heat Packs from Thurlby Herb Farm. And if you want to humour her funny socks that say ‘In Loving Memory of Sleep’ from Blue Q will do!



Farmers Market Bag Set

Farmers Market Fans

Is your mother a Farmer’s Market fan? A place where she loves spending the whole day admiring the wholesome seasonal fruits and vegetables, fresh bread, herbs, flowers and other gourmet delights and looks forward to it every week?  A gift dedicated and made for such enthusiasts is the Organic Farmers Market Set which includes 14 handy reusable bags in all sizes and shapes. Something she can carry every imaginable grocery in style!

On the other hand, if you want to inspire her to create her own Farmer’s Market at home, Little Veggie Patch’s seed kits are the best. From edible flowers to leafy greens, she can grow her garden in any space. You never know, she might contemplate having her own fresh vegetable stall at the market in the future!

Makes great Mother's Day hampers :)



Philodendron Cordatum

Gifts for Indoor Plant Lovers

Timeless gifts for the green thumb! Show your mother that your admiration for her will only grow by gifting her indoor plants that are less difficult to maintain than she had to with you!

The Philodendron Cordatum will not only symbolise love for your mum because of its heart-shaped leaves, but this is also a plant that may be grown in soil or just in water.

If not potted plants and if your mum has her own selection of cuttings or saplings to green the home with, you can gift her the gorgeous planter pots from Paper Pottery and Gail Ceramics or the vibrant critter pots from Mr Fancy Plants.



beeswax wraps

Leftover Enthusiasts

And then there are those mothers who hate throwing away even the tiny portion of pasta from last night’s dinner. Handy and non-toxic gift ideas for leftover enthusiasts include reusable clear food wraps, food cover sets, or beeswax wraps. These food blankets will keep the eatables comfy and clean without emitting any toxins or harmful chemicals. Just like how a mother cares and protects her infant!


Keep Cup

On-the-go Mum

A busy mum on the go? Don’t worry we have that covered too! Show your mother your appreciation for taking out her precious time for your tinniest needs from her hectic schedule. Let her have her morning coffee while driving from any of KeepCup’s colourful Brew Changemakers or pack her delicious homemade lunch from Seed and Sprout’s Insulated Food Flask. Alperstein Design’s Tote Bags or Ana Williams Knot Bags are the most attractive and practical carry-ons, while stainless steel bottles from Earth Bottle and Hydro Flask will keep her hydrated all day long. Get ready for a big hug for such thoughtfulness!


yoga eye pillow

Spiritual Mum

If your mum is all about getting the right vibes, here are some gifts that are broadly spiritual that can help her find inner peace and feel divine! Crystal soaps, rollers, and oils from Summer Salt Body are not just great for the skin but are also conscious gifts for the consciousness. And if she practices morning meditation or yoga, incense sticks or uplifting essential oils are the ultimate choices. Pair these with natural linseed filled eye pillows, and you have a winner!



Experience Loving Mum

Last but not least, if your mother is not into any physical stuff and instead craves a memorable experience as a gift, do check out our blog: How to Organise the Best Birthday Gift in Melbourne. From outdoor movies and relaxing spas to rock climbing and artisanal courses, this things-to-do blog is not just for birthdays but for any occasion where you want to treat that special person in your life with an eventful appreciation they will always remember!





Mother's day Gift Ideas

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