Cashmere, cotton, silk, and linen scarves and shawls

Shawls and Scarves

Wrap yourself in pure comfort and style with our sustainably made scarves and shawls using the finest cashmere, fine cotton, silk, and linen fibres. Not only do they feel absolutely luxurious and comfy, but they also show commitment to responsible fashion practices.

From luxurious cashmere to fine cotton, silk, and linen, each piece is crafted with care and respect for the environment.

Our talented artisans use traditional techniques, making each accessory truly unique and special. Embrace fashion that values sustainability and ethics – you'll look good and feel even better!

With a variety of textures, colors, and patterns, you'll find the perfect piece to match your style. Wear these scarves and shawls with pride, knowing you're making a positive impact on the planet and communities. Embrace beauty and sustainability in one fabulous fashion statement!

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White Bird Cotton Shawl
Yellow Geometric Cotton Shawl
Orange Bird Cotton Shawl
Green Bird Cotton Shawl
Blue Silk scarf Clothing
Nine Yaks Blue Silk Scarf
Sale price€24,95
Linen Scarf Blue ScarfLinen Scarf Blue Scarf
Nine Yaks Linen Scarf Blue
Sale price€21,95
Linen Scarf Natural, Purple and Orange ScarfLinen Scarf Natural, Purple and Orange Scarf
Spots shawl cotton
Nine Yaks Spots Cotton Shawl
Sale price€17,95
Multicoloured Bird Cotton Shawl
Paint Splatter Shawl Scarf
Linen Scarf Green ScarfLinen Scarf Green Scarf
Nine Yaks Linen Scarf Green
Sale price€21,95
Linen Scarf Roses ScarfLinen Scarf Roses Scarf
Nine Yaks Linen Scarf Roses
Sale price€21,95
Pink Tree Cotton Shawl
Linen Scarf Red ScarfLinen Scarf Red Scarf
Nine Yaks Red Linen Scarf
Sale price€21,95
Brown Silk Scarf ScarfBrown Silk Scarf Scarf
Nine Yaks Brown Silk Scarf
Sale price€24,95
Linen Scarf Pink ScarfLinen Scarf Pink Scarf
Nine Yaks Pink Linen Scarf
Sale price€21,95
Cotton scarf - Purple, red stripe ScarfCotton scarf - Purple, red stripe Scarf
Linen Scarf Yellow ScarfLinen Scarf Yellow Scarf
Nine Yaks Yellow Linen Scarf
Sale price€21,95
Orange Silk scarf Clothing
Nine Yaks Orange Silk scarf
Sale price€24,95
Cotton scarf - green stripe ScarfCotton scarf - green stripe Scarf
Cotton scarf - grey stripe ScarfCotton scarf - grey stripe Scarf
Cotton scarf - pink stripe ScarfCotton scarf - pink stripe Scarf
Cotton scarf - blue and white stripe Scarf
Linen Scarf Brown and Yellow ScarfLinen Scarf Brown and Yellow Scarf