7 Creative Gifts made from Repurposed Materials

Some brands are simply born to create the coolest items from stuff that may end up polluting the earth. Whether it is coasters from aeroplane tyres or cufflinks from fire hoses, here is a list of 7 exceptional repurposed gift ideas that give a new life to the old!


fire hose cuff links

Elvis and Kresse Belts and Cufflinks

For over a decade this brand has been rescuing all of London's retired fire-hose by creatively handcrafting them into sustainable luxury bags and accessories. Every year since Elvis & Kresse has donated 50% of the profits from the Fire-hose Collection to The Fire Fighters Charity.
Elvis & Kresse’s Wrap-Around Cufflink is a classy and standout piece. Handmade to order from genuine decommissioned fire-hose that was previously deployed in active duty for up to 25 years, fighting fires around the UK. This traditional cufflink looks great with all styles of shirt and the hand-stitched detailing brings out the best in the hose.
If you are looking for versatility in belts, the Slider Belt is a perfect choice. Designed to fit any size, this unisex belt with a nickel-free buckle, is available in either antique silver or antique brass finish. Coming in a standard size, you can modify it by just unclipping the buckle from the fire-hose using a flat screwdriver and then cut to your desired length with a sharp pair of scissors.


recycled ink pen

- Lousy Pen

So, the ink starts to fade in the middle of printing and you have to replace the cartridge with a fresh one. What do you do? Toss the used one into the bin and get on with it. Yes, having your printouts done is very important at this point but have you ever thought that the one you just threw has the chances of getting a new life? Well, Lousy Ink thinks so!
Encouraging sustainable creative practices, this brand founded by two artists sources their ink from upcycled inkjet printer cartridges within Australia. Saving them from ending up in landfills, empty cartridges are collected, crushed, and filtered to recycle the plastics and all the remaining ink bottling them into new use! Perfect for illustrators or doodlers who want their art to flow sustainably!!!!

reclaimed soy wax candle

-Mojo Candles

Reclaimed glass bottles give a new lease of life to old bottles. An innovative way of upcycling glass bottles is to make them into heavenly candles. People link scents to memories or tranquillity. We always like to walk into a home or room which smells great as it adds that extra touch to make you relax as soon as you step through the door. And if the candles are made using natural ingredients, the better the atmosphere and the healthier your lifestyle becomes.   Mojo Candle Co. do their bit for Mother Nature by creating one of a kind and luxurious candles by using reclaimed beer and wine bottles collected from the bars and cafes of the Inner West and Canberra. Handcut, sanded, and polished, these exquisite candles are hand-poured in small batches with natural soy wax and premium-grade fragrance oils and closed with a natural bark-finished cork topper to keep it dust free when not in use.



Handcrafted by Jessica in the beautiful forest setting of Blackwood, Victoria, these creations keep 'single-use' items out of landfill and our oceans. Throwaways like milk cartons, straws, plastic lids, shampoo bottles, formula lids, dish-washing liquid containers, meat trays, and so on are collected and converted to beautiful earrings where every bit of colour is melted plastic! Best gift idea for ones who like to show off their vibrant and funky side!!


-Champ Airplane Tyre Coasters

“Compelled by objects that influence creativity,” Champ Co. uses recycled airplane tire and new rubber, to create unique placemats of various sizes and some very distinctive contemporary jewellery pieces such as bangles and earrings. And the best fact about these extraordinary products is that if they bend, just lay them on a flat surface in the sun for half an hour to get back the original shape! The Rhombus Placemats for example function as trivets (or coasters) and encourage tessellating shapes for everyone to play with!


-Spinning Tops

Handmade from Australian timbers these delightfully simple toys are based on the beautiful form of the Gum Nut and Acorn. Crafted from sustainable and renewable timbers with no wasteful packaging, these lovingly made nature crafted gifts perfect for kids truly last for generations!





Repurposed Gift Ideas

7 Exceptional Repurposed Gift Ideas