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Say hello to Topheads Sunglasses - the coolest shades with an eco-friendly twist! Proudly crafted in Bondi Beach, Australia, these sunnies crafted from wood, bamboo, bioplastic, and even recycled skateboard decks, these sunnies are planet-friendly fashion at its best!

And also, no more squinting under the Aussie sun! With polarised lenses, your peepers are shielded from UV rays and glare, giving you the perfect view for all your outdoor adventures!

Rock these unique designs and show off your style while making Mother Nature smile! Topheads Sunglasses are the ultimate choice for the fashion-forward and eco-conscious. Let's protect our eyes and the planet, one stylish pair at a time!

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Pilgrim Signature Series - PookipoigaTopheads Pilgrim Signature Series
Topheads Hoppa wooden sunglasses made in AustraliaTopheads Hoppa wooden sunglasses made in Australia
Topheads Joel Metal & Wood Sunglasses SunglassesTopheads Joel Metal & Wood Sunglasses Sunglasses
Topheads Tiki Wood Sunglasses SunglassesTopheads Tiki Wood Sunglasses Sunglasses
Topheads Tiki Wood Sunglasses
Sale price€79,95
Topheads Chilla Bamboo Australian made sunniesTopheads Chilla wooden Australian made sunnies
Topheads Bennie Skate Wood Sunglasses SunglassesTopheads Bennie Skate Wood Sunglasses Sunglasses
Marcus Sunglasses - PookipoigaMarcus Sunglasses - Pookipoiga
Topheads Warhurst BambooTopheads Warhurst Bamboo
Topheads Warhurst Bamboo
Sale price€79,95
Topheads Katie Metal & Wood Sunglasses SunglassesTopheads Katie Metal & Wood Sunglasses Sunglasses
Topheads Harley Wood Sunglasses SunglassesTopheads Harley Wood Sunglasses Sunglasses
Topheads Sara Metal & Wood Sunglasses SunglassesTopheads Sara Metal & Wood Sunglasses Sunglasses
Topheads Shazz Bamboo Sunglasses
Topheads Slug Bamboo SunglassesTopheads Slug Bamboo Sunglasses
Topheads Marcus mini Acetate & Wood Sunglasses SunglassesTopheads Marcus mini Acetate & Wood Sunglasses Sunglasses
Topheads Felipe SunglassesTopheads Felipe Sunglasses
Topheads Felipe Sunglasses
Sale price€91,95
Topheads Huddo sunglass Australian madeTopheads Huddo recycled wood Sunnies
Sold out
Rosco Skate - Pookipoiga
Topheads Rosco Skate Sunglasses
Sale price€116,95