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From eco-friendly cutlery to natural herbal moth repellents! A selection of affordable quirky bits and pieces that will make your house a sustainable home!

Beautiful products from Gail Ceramics, Bryteka Pottery, Alperstein Designs, or the super-duper cool bicycle clocks, classy upcycled bottle dishes, and countless others, you'll have no difficulty choosing!

And if these are not enough, catch a whiff of refreshing scents from our range of soy wax or beeswax candles, or create your own home decor with Crockd Pottery Kit!


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Sale priceFrom €2,95
Eco Max Paper Pottery Red and Gold Pot Pot
Seed & Sprout Bin Liner 8L - Sage Bin LinerSeed & Sprout Bin Liner 8L - Sage Bin Liner
Bamboo Pegs 20 pack Pegs
Bamboo Pegs 20 pack
Sale price€6,95
Hand and surface sanitiser 120 ml Essential Oil
Thurlby Herb Farm Drawer Sachets/Car Freshener Scents of ChristmasThurlby Herb Farm Drawer Sachets/Car Freshener Scents of Christmas
Herbal Spice Anti-Moth - Pookipoiga
Thurlby Herb Farm Kinjarran Bush Drawer Sachet Drawer Sachet
Thurlby Herb Farm Prickly Drawer Sachet
Rosalina Toilet Cleaning Tablets (20) Toilet cleanerRosalina Toilet Cleaning Tablets (20) Toilet cleaner
Eco Max Paper Pottery Airlie Pot Set PotEco Max Paper Pottery Airlie Pot Set Pot
Love Naturally Pot Pot
Thurlby Herb Farm Citrus Twist Clothing Protector Clothing Protector
Thurlby Herb Farm Spicewood Clothing Protector Clothing Protector
Indigo Clothing Protector - Pookipoiga
Thurlby Herb Farm Prickly Clothing ProtectorThurlby Herb Farm Prickly Clothing Protector
Thurlby Herb Farm Gondwana Clothing ProtectorThurlby Herb Farm Gondwana Clothing Protector
Thurlby Herb Farm Oriental Garden Clothing Protector
KOALA ECO Multi-Purpose Bathroom Cleaner Eucalyptus 500ml
Thurlby Herb Farm Gingko Clothing ProtectorThurlby Herb Farm Gingko Herbal Clothing Protector
ANSC All Natural Dish and Laundry soap - palm oil free and vegan
ANSC Soap Flakes - 300g - washing powder
ANSC Soap Flakes - 300g
Sale price€9,95
Thurlby Herb Farm Agave Wash Cloth Wash cloth
Black Hearts Vase Vase
Black Hearts Vase
Sale price€9,95