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Quirky Eco-Friendly Gifts for this Holiday Season

It’s that time of the year and you’re probably scratching your head pondering what to gift your loved ones this Christmas. Well here’s a thought, when our planet has given us so much us why not return the favour by gifting it to someone. So instead of going to those high end shops or researching on overpriced brands and products (that have high chances of contributing to landfill!), get something extra special that is quirky, out of the box, cost effective, and importantly good for the environment!

From organic chocolates to ethical jewellery, these amazing gift ideas help you to contribute to a eco-concious Christmas!

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  • Test the tea lover

Check out the organic test tube tea from Organics for Lily if you want to gift someone who is a tea lover. With each tube containing 1-2 servings of delicious naturopath-made organic tea, each ingredient has been selected based on traditional and scientific research, ensuring maximum therapeutic benefit!

  • The kitchen devotee

Have a friend or loved one who enjoys spending most of their day in the kitchen or are deeply concerned about the hygiene of the kitchen?  Instead of presenting them typical kitchen ware, try something different and useful like Thurlby Herb Farm’s coloured Pantry Poultry Insect repellent. These stuffed cute and vibrant items that look like poultry are filed with a traditional mix of insect deterring herbs and essentials oils with lovely fragrance keeping your cupboards insect free. And for the ones who love serving healthy food, browse through some beautiful cookbooks that gives inspiration for creating inventive and delicious bowl of nourishing food.


  • Going organically sweet this season

Sweets are synonymous with holidays, so if you are planning to get some for that someone who has a sweet tooth but are at same time conscious about their health then go for the Mork Chocolate’s organic chocolates that come in various favours and are gluten free and diabetes free. Made from natural ingredients such as cacao powder, coconut blossom sugar, lilly pilly, native pepperberry, strawberry gum, lemon myrtle, anise myrtle and tasman salt, these delicious delights from nature are irresistible!


  • For the beauty conscious ones

If cosmetics is on your list then go organic with these awesome products such as the ethically sourced natural honey lip butter from Apiary Made which is entirely produced from natural ingredients including jelly bush honey, cocoa butter, pure beeswax and lemon. For that person who loves the spa, the Salt Soak from Summer Salt Body can give the relaxation they want. Derived from nature this is created with a blend of salts, clays, oils and vitamins these sooth the skin and promote well-being.  Compliment this with the Himalayan Bamboo Beer Bottle Candle from Mojo Candle Co. which is a planet friendly candle that combines bamboo foliage and rich green florals offering the perfect tranquillity.


  • What kids love

Children always look forward to receiving special gifts this season. So why not gift them some fun and delightful nature friendly products that makes them take the first little steps of becoming an eco-warrior. Let them colour using eco crayons made from 100% natural waxes, butter and colour pigments derived from plants, seeds and flowers and fix jigsaw puzzles from WWF that are made with FSC art paper, printed with soy inks and packaged in recycled post-consumer waste carbon with soy inks. Cheer up the babies and toddlers with the cute and cuddly horse, giraffe, panda or angel from Pebble toys. Hand made using natural materials by talented artisans at Hathay Bunano, these products contribute to supporting families in rural Bangladesh.

  • One-of-a-kind ethical jewellery

Now gifting jewellery from popular brands have become too common and cliché so try fun eco-elegant jewels pieces like Ekcelent and Co.’s stainless steel scrawl earrings or earrings made out of ceramic stoneware with sterling silver backing from that makes one stand out in a crowd. If you want to go more quirky then simple studs made from bamboo from One Happy Leaf  or Champ Co.’s lightweight earrings made from recycled aeroplane tyres and new rubber could be an awesome option!


  • Socks that make the World a better place!

Last but not least, if you want to do your own bit for the environment and children who are deprived of basic needs and suffer from deadly diseases then an ideal gift choice for someone who shares the same though would be Conscious Steps’ socks to fight hunger, socks to give clean water, socks to combat HIV and AIDS, socks for ocean protection and socks to plant trees. These soft and comfortable socks are made from the highest quality GOTS organic cotton.









Quirky Eco-Friendly Gifts for this Holiday Season