Yarra city council is one of the leaders, when it come to  sustainability. While the council is at it, they can't get the best from any efforts if the citizens didn't cooperate or willing to learn. There is a lot of learning to be had for us to help our system work more efficiently.  This is an opportunity to understand how council manages their waste and recycling, roads, urban agriculture along with our parks and gardens. We keep thinking of a recycling workshop here, our limited resources haven't left us much more room to educate. If you are keen to learn about what is being done with your stuff in the recycling bin, this is a great opportunity. 

Image courtesy: City of Yarra


You can know more about it in the following link:


On March 30 2019, 11am to 3pm at  City Works Depot, 168 Roseneath Street Clifton Hill. 

Open day at the Clifton Hill Depot

Open day at the Clifton Hill Depot

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