What exactly are you?

We are a shop - a great shop - that sells awesome things that are ethical and sustainable. Some people have even suggested that we're a great place for gifts - maybe even a gift shop! We don't want to put a label on ourselves, we'll let you do it. Just know what we're here and everything we have is awesome, made by brilliant people!


When are you open?

Our opening hours vary, so you can check out the current hours here.


Why must you close? I always walk past the window after work, forever confined to window shopping.

Unfortunately, we are only human and we need our rest as well. We are open on Saturdays, and you can always look online (which you know well because here you are!), which is open ALL THE TIME, we even deliver on Sundays :)


Your name originates from the Finnish language, as you say - why don't you stock any Finnish products?

That's a great question - why don't we stock any Scandinavian products? Well, the name originated from a discussion with our Finnish friends. It stuck like glue, but the only Finnish things we had access to at the time were our friends, and we didn't want to sell them.


What sort of things do you stock?

We focus on products that are sustainable, ethical, functional, and generally made in Australia. Some examples include: Tread and Pedals recycled bicycle bottle openers; Deadwood Creative recycled skateboard earrings; Thurlby Herb Farm delicious herb soaps and clothing protectors; The Raw Philosophy beauty products; and Karrke Aboriginal seed necklaces.

We do stock products that are not made in Australia, but they are limited to brands that go that extra mile in terms of social consciousness. E.g. Conscious Step Socks; Toms shoes; Nine Yaks; PaperWallet.


You speak about doing good, but in what way do you actually, contribute to the world?

As well as the good we do by only stocking ethical and sustainable products, for every purchase we also donate a meal to those who need it, through SecondBite. They collect food from supermarkets, restaurants and cafes to prevent it from being wasted, and help feed meals for the homeless.

On top of that, we also do fundraisers throughout the year. If you'd like to get involved or get invited, just sign up online or email us at info@pookipoiga.com - we would love to hear from you!

PS: The team behind Pookipoiga have helped raise much-needed funds for several charities big and small, local and international from Bhumethan health centre to Oxfam to Ozharvest to OneVoice and still continuing


How can one shop be so cool?

Sometimes it's not possible to explain away how we can be so awesome, so it's best just to come in and check it out for yourself.


Do you ship internationally?

We can ship overseas, but just be aware that it can take a number of weeks to coordinate delivery. For an estimate of shipping costs, just ask us what you want to buy and where you'd like it to go. We're all ears!

PS: We have so far shipped to UK, US, Canada, Denmark, WA and even Tasmania! Our UK one took 2 weeks ( that was our first international one!) Our last one to Denmark made it there in 5 days! (as of 2017)


What happens if I change my mind after buying one of your awesome products?

We would be sad to hear it. Normally, we can't give a refund for a change of mind. If it's just a colour change that you were after, and if we have it in stock, we're generally quite happy to swap (as long as the initial item is in its original packaging and in good condition), especially if it was a gift. We understand that sometimes it's not easy to get a gift right.

If there is a fault that was missed when you bought it, we can refund the price of that item in store credit. If you're not sure, just ask us.


I am an artist and would love to become stocked in your store. How do I do that?

We love hearing about new ideas, so just send us an email to let us know what you do and if it suits our store we will arrange a time for you to come in. Otherwise, if you're in the area, pop in and say hi! We can't promise the right person to speak to will always be there, but you never know unless you try :)


I would be the perfect employee for your store. How do I convince you?

We are always on the lookout for people who are passionate and skilled in the area of awesomeness, so send us an email or pop in and we'll let you know what we're looking for.

PS: a passion for environment, art, artists and natural storytelling skills (online and offline) will go a long way! Visual Merchandising, Design and Marketing skills are a complementary ;)