Swap to soap bars this Plastic-Free July!

It’s that time of the year again when we take up the challenge to eliminate plastic from our lives! We all know that going plastic-free is the best thing you can do for yourself and the environment. However when we think about getting rid of plastic in our daily lives the first things we tell ourselves are: “Now we have to start using cloth bags for groceries,” or “ We gotta get rid of all those plastic containers and replace them with steel or glass ones.” Not that these are less important measures as they are some of the first steps of practicing this challenge, but other than these have you may be considered swapping out the plastic bottles of soap or soaps that contain plastic for plastic-free bar soap?

Washing our hands frequently or generally practicing good hygiene is a topmost priority nowadays post the COVID-19 outbreak. Now, with bar soaps, people usually think, “isn’t it gross to share a bar of soap after someone else has had their hands all over it?!” The fear of contamination discourages the consumer, however, this fear can be passed because the fact is that there is zero transfer of bacteria to people’s hands after washing with bar soap! All you need to do is run the soap under the water with your hands as you use it and wash them with the recommended routine and you will have happy healthy hands! And even better when they have natural antiseptic qualities like the Eucalyptus Euphoria from ANSC!

But why soaps bars in the context of going plastic-free?

So, hopefully, now you don’t think of bar soaps as germs or virus spreaders. But apart from this what are the benefits of natural bars in helping reducing plastic pollution? This is because the beautiful looking and scented liquid soaps, shampoos, or hand washes come in plastic bottles that end up causing landfill. Aside from this most of the store brought body care products to contain microbeads which are tiny pieces of plastic. After they do their job of cleaning up they get washed down the drain ending up in our waterways and eventually disturbing the oceans.

OK, now you must be like packaging aside, soap bars can also contain these microbeads. Well, not when they are from brands that love the planet and you!

Luxurious and handcrafted using ingredients sourced directly from nature, soap, shampoo and conditioner bars that are also mostly locally made not only have the benefit of being biodegradable and great for your skin but also use minimum packaging that is, well, not plastic!

ANSC has its rich and nourishing bars of shave soaps, shampoos (for even your pets!) and body soaps packed using only recycled or recyclable cardboard and paper. According to them, each purchase saves many plastic bottles.  Lemon Myrtle Body SoapOriginal Solid Shampoo, or All Natural Dish and Laundry Soap, take your pick!

Similarly, Seed & Sprout Co. is all about saying goodbye to plastic. Apart from their highly recommended steel or glass food storage, they also produce round-shaped natural soaps that are vegan, Australian made, and contain essential oils instead of synthetic fragrance. These can be stored in their lightweight and stylish Aluminium Travel Tin that can be reused over and over! Cleansing Body Bar on the go anyone?

For the blokes, nothing feels better than Thurlby Herb Farm’s exclusive Blokes Soap or Enright’s Gin Company’s luxurious Shave Soap. Both packed to fight plastic waste!

And if you are on a gifting spree, some great gift options of these handcrafted, plastic-free soap bars include Thurlby Herb Farm’s Olive Oil Soap in Cut out Box or Baby Olive Oil Soaps, (great for baby showers!) Likewise ANSC’s Lavender Relaxation Pack is a perfectly boxed hamper that exemplify zero-waste! On the other hand, if you want to go for something fancy like crystal-shaped soaps other than plain blocks, then Summer Salt Body’s crystal soaps are the one. While the Onyx stone symbolizes protection, release, and calmness, the Amethyst crystal is known to protect against negative energy. Freeing oneself from plastic and negativity? It can’t get better than this!!


Plastic-Free July

Raising the Bar this Plastic-Free July!!