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Seeded paper cards, heirloom seed kits, gardening books, easy-to-care plants, quirky planter pots, bee houses, and super handy tools! All things green for a sustainable garden and great gift ideas for the green thumb!

With tips and advice on gardening in any space from Little Veggie Patch Co., there is also a variety of edible seeds to select. While the selection of seed kits is great for beginners, the sprout and bloom seeded paper from Paper Go Round makes excellent greeting cards and gift tags! And while you’re at it, trim, weed and snip with Gentleman Hardware’s Garden multi-tool!

Now if are an admirer of indoor plants, get potted plants from Dans Plants delivered next or same day right at your doorstep!

Remember a green space is the best space so try not to kill it………..wait we have books on that too!


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50 Indoor Plants & How Not to Kill Them Book Books
A World of Plants Book
A World of Plants
Sale price€21,95
Art of Wearable Flowers Book
Art of Wearable Flowers
Sale price€30,95
Echeveria 60mm with Pot - Pookipoiga
Assorted succulents 60mm
Sale priceFrom €3,95
Bunny Watercolour Seed Card Cards
Bunny Watercolour Seed Card
Sale price€4,95
Calathea makoyana 190mm - same day delivery - melbourne
Calathea makoyana 190mm
Sale price€25,95
Chamaedorea elegans 120mm - same day delivery - melbourneChamaedorea elegans 120mm - Pookipoiga
Chamaedorea elegans 120mm
Sale price€10,95
Chlorophytum vittatum 120mm - same day delivery - melbourne
Chlorophytum vittatum 120mm
Sale price€8,95
Combi Big seed card Cards
Combi Big seed card
Sale price€4,95
Critter pot (pot only) PlantsCritter pot (pot only) Plants
Critter pot (pot only)
Sale price€31,95
Eco Max Paper Pottery Airlie Pot Set PotEco Max Paper Pottery Airlie Pot Set Pot
Eco Max Paper Pottery Caloola Pot White Stitch Pot
Elephant Seed Card Cards
Elephant Seed Card
Sale price€4,95
Epipremnum Aureum 120mm Plants
Epipremnum Aureum 120mm
Sale priceFrom €9,95
Ficus Elastica Burgundy 120mm - same day delivery - melbourne
SKOGLUFT - Forest Air: Norwegian Secrets For Creating Forest Air In Your Home Book
Fox Watercolour Seed Card Cards
Fox Watercolour Seed Card
Sale price€4,95
Gentlemen's Hardware Fork And Trowel SetGentlemen's Hardware Fork And Trowel Set
Gentlemen's Hardware Garden Multi-Tool ToolsGentlemen's Hardware Garden Multi-Tool Tools
Gentlemen's Hardware Metal Garden ThermometerGentlemen's Hardware Metal Garden Thermometer
Gentlemen's Hardware Plant Water Drippers (Set Of 2)Gentlemen's Hardware Plant Water Drippers (Set Of 2)
Happy Anniversary Flower Seed Card Cards
Happy Mother’s Day Cards
Happy Mother’s Day
Sale price€4,95
Herb Mix Seed Gift Tags (10 pack) - Pookipoiga