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Looking to add some greenery to your life or surprise a green thumb in your circle? Look no further! We have a fantastic selection of gardening supplies and gifts that are sure to bring joy to any gardener or aspiring plant lover.

In this Eco-conscious gardener's paradise explore:

  • Seeded paper cards that grow beautiful blooms.

  • Heirloom seed kits for beginners or gardening gifts.

  • Little Veggie Patch Co. gardening books that offer valuable tips.

  • Dans Plants' easy-to-care plants delivered to your doorstep.

  • Quirky planter pots that add whimsy to any garden.

  • Bee houses for our buzzing friends.

  • The Garden multi-tool from Gentleman Hardware for top-notch gardening.

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50 Indoor Plants & How Not to Kill Them Book Books
A World of Plants Book
A World of Plants
Sale price€20,95
Art of Wearable Flowers Book
Art of Wearable Flowers
Sale price€29,95
Cactus 95mm - Same day delivery MelbourneCactus 95mm
Cactus 95mm
Sale price€8,95
Calathea makoyana 190mm - same day delivery - melbourne
Calathea makoyana 190mm
Sale price€24,95
Save €1,00
Chamaedorea elegans 120mm - same day delivery - melbourneChamaedorea elegans 120mm - Pookipoiga
Chamaedorea elegans 120mm
Sale price€10,95 Regular price€11,95
Chlorophytum vittatum 120mm - same day delivery - melbourne
Chlorophytum vittatum 120mm
Sale price€8,95
Critter pot (pot only) PlantsCritter pot (pot only) Plants
Eco Max Paper Pottery Airlie Pot Set PotEco Max Paper Pottery Airlie Pot Set Pot
Eco Max Paper Pottery Caloola Pot White Stitch Pot
Elephant Seed Card Cards
Elephant Seed Card
Sale price€4,95
Epipremnum Aureum 120mm Plants
Epipremnum Aureum 120mm
Sale priceFrom €9,95
Ficus Elastica Burgundy 120mm - same day delivery - melbourne
Flower Heart Seed Card
Flower Heart Seed Card
Sale price€0,00
SKOGLUFT - Forest Air: Norwegian Secrets For Creating Forest Air In Your Home Book
Gentlemen's Hardware Fork And Trowel SetGentlemen's Hardware Fork And Trowel Set
Gentlemen's Hardware Garden Multi-Tool ToolsGentlemen's Hardware Garden Multi-Tool Tools
Happy Anniversary Flower Seed Card Cards
Happy Mother’s Day Cards
Happy Mother’s Day
Sale price€4,95
How to Raise a Plant : and Make it Love You Back Books
In Sympathy Flower Heart Seed Card Cards
Inside Out House Luxury Jigsaw Puzzle 1000 PiecesInside Out House Luxury Jigsaw Puzzle 1000 Pieces
Kew Gardener's Guide to Growing Herbs Books
Lil'Bit Bee Seed Bomb SeedsLil'Bit Bee Seed Bomb Seeds
Lil Bit Bee Seed Bomb
Sale price€7,95