Milestone Moments: Birthday Gift Ideas from Melbourne

What do you buy for a milestone birthday? We have all had that question pop up in our heads for our friend, co-worker, boyfriend, girlfriend, dad, mum, brother, sister, husband, wife, granddad, grandmum, or a little person who has completed 1 year on planet earth!! Milestone birthdays are exciting and exceptional – and so should your gifting options!

People understand that these “big” birthdays signify being extra-special. And the gifts they give are to reflect these turning points with thoughtfulness. So, this is why we have compiled a unique and meaningful selection of sustainable, eco-friendly, and ethical gift ideas for almost every milestone birthday delivered even at the last minute!!

1st Birthday Present Ideas

One of the most celebrated milestone birthdays – is when the baby becomes a toddler! 1st birthday is the most special as it is the new chapter of discovery and learning. The best presents for 1-year-olds are fun and educational ones (that also help take the first steps in becoming an eco-warrior!)

Getting something colourful or ones that feature bright colours helps them to learn and differentiate. Plant-based eco crayons made from 100% natural ingredients, waxes and butter, and colour pigments derived from plants, seeds, and flowers are a great way to learn about the different colours of the rainbow – naturally! Similarly, bright crocheted animal toys aid comfort and inspire curiosity. Speaking about animals, the Square Animal puzzle made from timber or the Rocking Horse made from beech wood are keepsake gifts that last for generations! Also, apart from sustainability, wooden toys provide good play-based learning. Another incredible gift idea is the Aptitude Eco Sensory Natural Rubber Sensory Balls. The different colours and textures in these balls enhance sensory stimulation and contribute to the development of children's motor skills. Other interesting 1-year-old birthday gifts include books like ABC of Australian animals – that introduce them to the world of reading.


18th Birthday Present Ideas

18th birthday means the coming of age to adulthood. Turning 18 here in Australia also means - alcohol is legal! Quirky gifts to commemorate this can be a beer puzzle, beer cards, or a funny card that says: Alcohol-free Wine Drunk by Mistake! Gifts like these are great, but let us remind these young adults of the importance of being safe too. Before you think too much, we are talking here about alcohol-free hand sanitisers!

Apart from alcohol-themed or non-alcoholic products, keep in mind that life at 18 can be hectic. From going to class and work to running errands or hitting the trails, it’s helpful with some practical gifting. Think bamboo sunglasses, vibrant journals or notebooks, or multi-use silicon cotton buds.

Likewise, since officially entering adulthood, good 18th birthday gifts include skincare kits for him or beauty care packages for her. And last but not least, a Little Book of Adulting – a guide on surviving in the big, wild world is what they will need as they find their way through the maze of adulthood!!

21st Birthday Gift Ideas

A time in your life when you want to spread your wings and explore, and also a point where some finally start to figure things out! Save for a house or apartment, plan a big holiday, graduate from university, or angle for that first big job promotion – time for some practical decisions with a sprinkle of indulgence!

Great 21st birthday gifts include travel or handy accessories such as an Insulated Food Flask, sand-free beach towels, a portable coffee maker, a laptop sleeve, and even a slim wallet for the well-earned money!

Speaking of money, turning 21 also means that you can start getting a little luxurious in life, especially with that new job or first promotion. An All Australian Gift Pack featuring delightful and uplifting soaps crafted from Australia’s best oils makes a beautiful luxury gift.

Pair these gifts or hamper with ‘The World is Your Oyster’ card, and you have a winner!!


30th Birthday Present Ideas

How did the twenties go so fast? Almost every 30-year-old will have that thought at some point. Making it to 30 is a huge accomplishment and something to be celebrated!! Remind them that life has just started and encourage them with gifts that make them feel confident and comfortable with the person they have become!

So for a 30th birthday, think of gifts like a Crystals Rok Starter Pack - A collection of energies to support the energetic highs and lows of life. An easy-to-care plant and pot. Some natural skincare products because taking extra good care of the skin start from this age. A Charcoal Cleansing Kit. Agave Wash Cloth with Handmade Soap. Or Kakadu Plum Vitamin C Face Serum.

Alternatively, plastic-free turban style shower caps and reusable towel wraps also make practical and luxurious 30th birthday gift idea for her!


40th Birthday Present Ideas

Turning 40 can have the baggage of its own you are most likely to be more anxious, with most people thinking of it as the brink of middle age! But instead of seeing it like that, let us make them feel like the beginning of a new chapter with positive challenges to overcome.

The best 40th birthday gifts are ones that allow some self-pampering and help one feel relaxed. The good thing about turning 40 is that you know what you enjoy and who you like to spend time with (which can be yourself!). Essential oil rollers with a blend of uplifting essential oils or vegan and gluten-friendly chocolates or treats. An upcycled wine bottle dish or a Cheese Board and Knife Set with Wine Opener. Merino wool or lamb wool beanies or gloves – ‘cos turning 40 also means you no longer want to compromise on quality!

And for the ladies who are turning 40, step out of your comfort zone and make a bold statement with modern yet timeless statement stainless steel earrings!!

50th Birthday Presents

Half a century on the planet!! When we say 50th, it's elegance while entering a golden era! Make them feel special with a gift or gift hamper that is meaningful, practical, creative, and even elegantly fun!!

For garden lovers, always a great idea to get some gardening tools such as Garden Multi-Tool or a Metal Garden Thermometer. Pair any of these with a seeded happy birthday card and bring smiles!

On the other hand, since entering a golden point in life,  how about a gold-coloured reusable razor made from brass and zinc alloy or a luxury soy wax Golden Wattle Candle? The Deluxe Tea Party Gift Set or tea bottle gift set makes an elegant gift with 3 small jars of delicious, organic tea with a small teapot. Similarly, homewares like ceramic bowls and plates featuring stunning aboriginal artwork or a unique ceramic flower or propagation hanging test tube vase also make unique gifting ideas for a 50th birthday.


60th Birthday Presents

Finding a 60th birthday gift can be a little tricky. You want to get something memorable and mindful at the same time, something fun – to keep the person feeling that age is just a number! Turning 60 is also a time when people randomly think of things they have always wanted to do but probably never had the chance to do so. Travel can be on top of the bucket list, so a great idea can be to gift travel and nature books. Charitable gifts like socks that protect tropical forests or socks that build homes are also unique and meaningful. 

Other options include some nice homeware stuff like paper pottery planter pots, herbal clothing protectors, beeswax wraps, and some tasty homemade relishes like raspberry or strawberry preserves. 


70th Birthday Present Ideas

After years of working and looking after family, every 70-year-old deserves to be appreciated and pampered to the core! Warm, luxurious cashmere shawls, natural scented candles made from reclaimed beer and wine bottles, a care package, herbal heat packs and eye pillows, or an electric diffuser gift set with relaxing essential oils are some gift ideas that will make them feel so happy!

Alternatively, since most people have retired at this age, they may want to try new things and indulge in new hobbies - for example, gardening or cooking. In this case, some heirloom seed kits or native Australian Superfoods make excellent choices!


Birthday Cards & Gifting Options

Every birthday gift or hamper needs to be accompanied by a birthday card. And that’s why we have the glorious Birthday Cards collection featuring funny, sentimental, and even cards that grow! Check out these cards now – you will find the right one for any age!

And for more gifting options head to our Gifts for Him, Gifts for Her, Gifts for Babies and Children or browse through our exclusive brands for anything sustainable, eco-friendly, or ethical with stories!!

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Milestone Birthday Gift Ideas from Melbourne

Milestone Birthday Gift Ideas from Melbourne