Shop the finest women's and unisex merino wool tights and socks!

Natural and sustainable, Merino wool is light, soft, form-fitting, warm and comfortable while providing good insulation, transporting moisture, and almost itch-free, smell-free or crease-free! Made ethically, using natural fibres, Tightology’s range of merino wool and cotton legwear perfect for all seasons!

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Tightology Dotty Merino Wool Socks SocksTightology Dotty Merino Wool Socks Socks
Tightology Luxe Merino Wool Tights TightsTightology Luxe Merino Wool Tights Tights
Tightology Spots Sustainable Nylon TightsTightology Spots Sustainable Nylon Tights
Tightology Spots Tights
Sale price€13,95
Tightology Staple Merino Wool  TightsTightology Staple Merino Wool Tights
Tightology Staple Wool Tights
Sale price€26,95
Tightology Short Dotty Unisex SocksTightology Short Dotty Unisex Socks
Tightology Short Dotty Socks
Sale price€19,95
Tightology Riviera Cotton Tights Tightology Riviera Cotton Tights Tights
Tightology Montemartini Merino Wool Tights TightsTightology Montemartini Merino Wool Tights Tights
Tightology Tevere Long Cotton SocksTightology Tevere Long Cotton Socks
Tightology Tevere Long Socks
Sale price€19,95
Tightology Capitol Merino Wool Tights TightsTightology Capitol Merino Wool Tights Tights
Tightology Capitol Merino Wool Tights
Sale priceFrom €24,95
Tightology Dawn Organic Cotton Tights TightsTightology Dawn Organic Cotton Tights Tights
Tightology Jester Pink Cotton Socks
Tightology Jester Pink Socks
Sale price€13,95
Tightology Short Monte SocksTightology Short Monte Socks
Tightology Short Monte Socks
Sale price€13,95
Tightology Long Herringbone SocksTightology Long Herringbone Socks
Tightology Gold Navy Dots Socks
Tightology ‘Cirque Black’ Cotton Tights
Sold out
Tightology Tiber Merino Wool Tights TightsTightology Tiber Merino Wool Tights Tights