Top Eco-Friendly Valentine's Gifts

Not red go green this Valentine by getting your better halves or partners gifts that show love to Mother Nature.

Sustainable and unique, these love-filled and feel good gifts give way for romance that helps reconnect with the natural world!


  • Heart-Shaped Accessories

If your girlfriend or wife is a fan of jewellery made from planet-friendly materials then get her Love Heart Earrings or Love Heart Hairpins from One Happy Leaf. Laser-cut from honey brown bamboo wood, One Happy Leaf crafts beautiful minimalist jewellery designed for nature lovers who want to do good for the planet without compromising on style and uniqueness. As the brand points out, bamboo is not wood but grass and because it is grass, it will grow back, time and time again thanks to its number of root systems which will shoot a new bamboo year after year which makes it a quickly renewable resource.


  • Sensuous Candles

No denying that candles and romance go hand-in-hand. And if it's naturally scented, that too from a reclaimed wine or beer bottle- even better! Explore Mojo Candle's seductive and vivid scents that will transport you and your lover to the wild exotic souks of Morocco or a faraway secluded tropical island!


  • Chocolates with Humor and Taste

If your valentine has a sweet tooth and loves to have a good laugh then choose fair trade chocolates that have funny and sometimes corny lines such as, Recipe for Love, Heart Maths,  I Love You,  Marital Bliss or Two Hearts Beat as One from Bella berry. A combination of taste and talk encased in a hard-wearing matt laminated cardboard carton adorned with creative and unique designs and words, these milk chocolates are sure to lighten up this special day! And unlike conventional chocolates that are produced using cacao and sugar that are grown with the aid of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and more these are made up the same that use biodynamic and organic fertilizers and pest deterrents. 


  • Cute and Funny Cards

Along with the chocolates, there are a bunch of sustainable cards that funnily romantic. So, when the words “I love you” are not enough to express try sending or giving quirky cards that say How I Fell in Love with You, The Cat’s Out of the Bag – I Love You, Lets celebrate our love the best way we know how, Even though we have been together…….., If I Were a Richmond I’d Buy You the World or I Love Every Part of You. These cards are usually handmade on 300gsm paper placed in 100% recycled envelope.


  • Love Seed Cards

When words are not simply enough, plant some flowers instead of picking up flowers. Rather than buying those really expensive flowers give it a twist by giving a Love You or Floral Heart seed card that is made from recycled paper and contains live seeds. Printed with a beautiful love message outside these cards created by Planet Go Round need to be simply planted under 3mm of soil and watered well for a beautiful flower garden. A good choice for the environment and a great green token of love!


  • Romantic Getaway Books

A weekend getaway in the outdoors might be just the perfect romantic plan to celebrate Valentines'. Staying in small inns or bed and breakfast that are eco-friendly and close to nature is a better alternative to big hotels. In this way, you are reducing your carbon footprint, helping local business and enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature in a more intimate setting.
If your partner enjoys traveling to such nature-based destinations and/or also loves reading travel books then gift books such as Australia’s Best Nature Escapes Book which has something for every kind of nature lover. The book covers rustic cabins in national parks, country hideaways, houseboats, and even a treehouse together with a range of activities that will deeply connect you with your partner as well as nature. Speaking about activities the book Cycling Paradises guides you to the best places in this world to see in two wheels, whereas the book Top Walks in Australia illustrates walking in every sort of landscape ranging from rocky deserts to the tropical coast.

Other than the books, other fun gifts that can spice up or add a spark to their love life and deepen their connection are some of the Spark matchboxes from Hardie Grant Books. Designed to look like a matchbox, this little box of faux matchsticks contains 50 exciting prompts for couples to share. Spark Romance, or Spark Passion - fire up the romance in a super entertaining way!


So, for all the lovers who believe love makes the world go round, make sure the world is a green and toxin-free place that spins around unharmed!






Top Eco-Friendly Valentine's Gifts

Top Eco-Friendly Valentine's Gifts