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During this self-isolation and social distancing period due to the corona pandemic, there are lots of ways to make the most of your time with your family, roommates or even yourself!
Yes, there is access to TV and the internet but watching the news the whole day can sometimes bring too many negative thoughts in your head. And binge-watching series on the net for too long can get affect your health, such as fatigue and insomnia. So, avoid becoming a couch potato and draw yourself and others in fun activities, whether it is engaging in entertaining and educational games, growing your indoor garden or reading interesting books that motivate and keep up your spirits!


From quizzes to brain teasers, interactive board games that are suited for both kids and adults alike are a great way to pass time and help one relax and briefly take the mind off the deadly virus! Apart from the entertainment or bringing the family together factor, such games also build a stronger brain, reduce stress level and even grows your immune system through positive thoughts. And this is exactly what we all need during these times!
Bringing together 12 wonderful wild creatures from around the world, WWF’s colourful and fun matching Memory Game-Marine or Memory Game-Reptiles tests who has the greatest memory by matching large wooden picture tiles. For the ones looking to get wise, Ridley’s General Knowledge Quiz will test your wisdom! The 140 question cards expand your mind and challenge family and friends for a fun ride. Even better, go bizarre with Ridley’s Bizarre Facts Quiz which comes with 140 quiz cards that test your knowledge of the unusual and absurd! And if not this, keep guessing with Ridley’s Charades by simply acting out the titles of books, films, songs, TV shows and plays without speaking. Likewise, featuring stimulating brain teasers, riddles, and conundrums Ridley’s Brain Teasers Quiz is an excellent way to give everyone a thorough cerebral workout. And for the ones who may have made travel plans, worry not because although you are stuck in your homes, have fun traveling around the world with Ridley’s Travel Quiz!
On the other hand, if you are not in the mood to use your brains but just looking for a great laugh, try the Do You Look Like Your Dog game and spot the resemblance!


Grow Your Own Garden

Missing the outdoors? Eager to go for a stroll in the park? Weather is lovely but can’t get out? Well here is a great alternative, grow your garden!
Ok for some people this might sound too overwhelming but it’s simpler than it sounds. You don’t need to have a big backyard or a large balcony, because even a windowsill will do as it’s amazing how little space you actually need. And coming back to why it’s a great alternative is that it comes with many advantages which will make you forget about everything else!
Consuming fruits and vegetables grown in your garden has a higher vitamin content and less risky in terms of harmful chemicals, therefore it's healthier. Moreover while involving the kids in the whole process of growing your own food motivates them to eat them without throwing much fuss! Secondly, it is also an effective workout! Pulling weeds, planting, and digging can burn up those calories, and also a good mental exercise and stress relief is also gained from the activity. Again something we all need right now!
For more details on indoor plants or how to grow your garden in limited spaces books such as 50 Indoor Plants & How Not to Kill ThemHow to Grow Food in Small SpacesGuide to Backyard Farming or Grow.Food.Anywhere will help you in a big way. On the other hand, if you want to start right away try growing Little Veggie Patch Co.’s healthy and unique heirloom seeds such the thick dark green Spinach ‘Bloomsdale’, the almost purple-skinned Tomato ‘Black Russian’, the hardy and shade tolerant Swiss Chard, the spiral patterned or the nutrient-packed Broccoli Romanesco, 


Read Books

Just like games and gardening, reading also has its therapeutic advantages of lowering stress and tension relief along with proving a great brain exercise. Some productive books for adults that develop the skills as well as entertain include, 100 Words to Expand Your Vocabulary28-day Moon Turtle Mood JournalCalm the F*uck Down and Less Stuff.
Keep the kids busy with some fun educational and activity books like A to Z Story of Australian Animals,  Animalium Activity BookBe a Maker and last but not least during such crazy times, allow the young ones appreciate the land, sea, flora, fauna, and people around the globe through the book  I Heart the World





3 Simple Ideas to do With Family or Yourself During Self Isolation

3 Simple Ideas to do With Family or Yourself During Self Isolation