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Playfully Crafted: Explore the Top Plywood Toys for Endless Fun and Creativity

Wooden toys by large have not gone out of fashion over the years as they remain central play object of homes, playgroups, and schools almost everywhere. The wonderful fact about wooden toys is a sense of tradition and nostalgia attached to it in its solid form and the way it’s crafted which allows the parents to wistfully recall their childhood when choosing toys for their little ones.

When compared to the over sophisticated toys or gadgets of the digital age, wooden toys make a mark in its superior qualities such as being environmentally sound, having educational properties, safety, durability, and the ability to promote social interaction.

Offering a direct connection to the natural world for children, wooden toys have that tactile sensation that builds a bond with nature. They are a much more environmentally friendly option than plastic toys as they are normally made from sustainably sourced, certified wood which is organic, renewable and biodegradable that can be recycled. Moreover, wooden toys offer additional Eco-credentials if any paint that is used on them is free of toxic chemicals.

When it comes to questionable chemicals and renewability in terms of production, it is a well-known fact that many mass-produced plastic toys contain many of these which can be harmful to the child and environment. Wooden toys, by comparison, are handcrafted with materials that are sustainably sourced and certified. So don’t worry much if your little one puts that wooden rattle in his or her mouth. 

Moving on, the next best aspect of wooden toys is its educational qualities. Usually designed as instructive toys, some of the classic staple wooden toys include puzzles, building blocks, and miniature construction sets, which are made to help children with numeracy, literacy, motor skills and problem-solving. In its simple design, wooden toys offer children a blank slate where they can project all of their budding imaginations.

Yes it is true in today’s world there is a wide range of dazzling computer games that can enhance memory or concentration, but what about social interaction? While computer games are limited to a solitary activity, wooden toys encourage interaction with other children and promote sharing and teamwork. Despite the absence of any sound or interactions in themselves, wooden toys allow children to come up with their sound effects in collaboration with one another. Modern toys may be capable of doing everything for the child, but wooden ones put forward things such as role-play or world-building which aids social awareness.

Along with fun and learning, toys made of wood are also durable. It can’t be denied that toys are prone to get thrown around and left out in the weather by the naughty ones. When this happens, plastic toys become brittle and digital ones malfunctioned, whereas, wooden ones remain strong and resistant to such abuse! Therefore this proven longevity and strength make wooden toys a good choice to be passed on from generations and generations which ultimately avoids disposing resulting to landfill.

Together with durability is the safety that wooden toys possess. Plastic toys especially the cheaply made can break easily, as a result leaving sharp edges and small parts that can harm the child. Wood, strong and sturdy by comparison, offers less risk in this way.

So all in all these are the general pros of purchasing wooden toys for your kids. However, when we say wood, there are all sorts of hardwoods such as maple, birch, oak, beech, walnut, poplar, and ash that are used to make toys. This said when it comes to design and function an engineered wood sheet material made up of fine layers of wood veneers attached called plywood is a top choice!

Easy to work with, easy to manipulate, inexpensive and above all environmentally friendly, man-made laminated wood plywood offers designers the beauty of real wood and is significantly stronger than other types of engineered or natural wood

Super strong and stable, the sustainability of plywood lies in its source. Manufactured from sustainable forests where the cut-down trees are replaced with seedlings so that the forests continue to exist, plywood is made from layers of wood veneer, a process that uses more of the log than other types of lumber manufacturing hence producing less waste.

The use of plywood is also advantageous than natural wood because it is more durable, free of borers, resistant to termites and moisture (depending on grade) and also can be made fire retardant.

When thinking about an elevated design, plywood is the one. Its affordability and numerous applications make it considered a very viable option. Whether it is designing a kitchen or an accessory, a great variety of products in various shapes and sizes can be manufactured from hardwood plywood.

One of the most charming crafts out of plywood is an interesting collection of toys from Have a Nice Day. These wooden playthings made in Queensland, Australia are simple and timeless in its design that is sure to attract your little one's attention and a keeper for many years to come.

With quirky names such as Tuesday the Helicopter, Saturday the Castle, Sunday the Ark, Friday the Rocket or Monday the Plane, these toys are created on the Gold Coast from premium grade plywood.

Its unique design is crafted in such a way that it can be put together by small hands with adult supervision. For instance, Monday the Plane features two sets of wings that easily clip into the body with a satisfying ‘click’ and the medieval Saturday the Castle the same with unassembled pieces that fit together.

Castle or plane, these make-belief models are made to last. With its well-thought design, the toys can be simply dissembled after use or left on display. So fly with plywood and dream about sky-high adventures or go magical unleashing the raw King or Queen in you and rule in a solidly constructed and enchanting wooden castle!

To sum it up, Iben Dissing Sandahl in her book ‘Play The Danish Way: A Guide to Raising Balanced, Resilient and Healthy Children through Play’ quotes “Toys can be anything; children can play all morning with a stone and a plastic bucket. It is about how imaginative conductive and how many applicative possibilities toys offer.” When considering wooden toys especially plywood ones the design and construction are such that it offers the child the possibility of nurturing their creativity and developing positive self-esteem!



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Plywood Toys: Design and Sustainability in One