Cat-Themed Gifts

Cat-Themed Gifts

Get ready to paws and purr-sonalise your gifting! Introducing our Feline Friends Collection: Sustainable, Ethical, and Fur-tastically Fun Gifts for Cat Lovers!

Discover purr-fectly functional accessories, and sustainably stylish home decor, all crafted with love and care. Our collection celebrates ethical practices and eco-conscious choices, making it the cat's meow for both you and your furry friends.

Whether it's funny cards, quirky socks, sustainable tea towels, eco-friendly jewellery, games, or books, we've got something to make every cat lover's heart purr with delight!

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Blue Q My Cat is Cool as Fuck Women's Crew socks Socks
Blue Q Cats! Women's Crew socks Socks
I touched a cat and I liked it --- Tea Towel Tea Towel
DENZ Black cats in black EarringsDENZ Black cats in black Earrings
DENZ Black cats in black
Sale price€24,95
Blue Q I Do As I Please Women's Ankle Socks Socks
Blue Q People I Love: Cats Tea Towel Tea Towel
Bellaberry Cat's Whiskers Milk Chocolate Chocolate
Blue Q Crazy Cat Dude Men's socks Socks
Blue Q People I Love : Cats Women's Crew socks
I touched a cat and I liked it - Able and Game Card Cards
Wacky feline woman --- Tea Towel Tea Towel
Cat Chaos Card Game GameCat Chaos Card Game Game
Ginger Fox Cat Chaos Card Game
Sale price€14,95
Blue Q Made from Scratch Tea Towel Tea Towel
Little Instruction Book for Cats Books
Happy birthday cat lover - Pookipoiga
The Cat's out of the Bag - I Love You - Able and Game Card Cards
Cats! Cats! Cats! --- Tea Towel Tea Towel
Yay for cats - Pookipoiga
Able and Game Yay for cats
Sale price€3,95
Foolproof diet for your fat cat: Get a second, hungrier cat Cards
Sold out
Ginger Fox - Dominos Cat Games
Ginger Fox - Dominos Cat
Sale price€12,95
Able and Game This Is A Cat Loving Household --- Tea Towel
Catrimony fur ever - Able and Game Card Cards
One Happy Leaf Cat StudsOne Happy Leaf Cat Studs Earrings
One Happy Leaf Cat Studs
Sale price€15,95
DENZ Pickles cat dangles in black EarringsDENZ Pickles cat dangles in black Earrings