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Bee Hotel - Small

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Bee Hotel - Small

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Bee Hotel - Small

Bee Hotels will boost native solitary bee populations and increase pollination activity in your garden!

Bee Hotels are an artificial nest where bees will come and deposit pollen and eggs before sealing off the entrance with either mud or resin. 
Just place your Native Bee Hotel in a sheltered area protected from the rain and ants, and in an area where they can be viewed and enjoyed.  
Creating a flower abundant garden will attract and bring in more species of solitary native bees.    
There are over 1650 known species of Native Bees in Australia and most are Solitary Bees. 
Solitary bees play a vital role in pollinating our native flora and are also increasingly being valued as a pollinator for agricultural crops.
Different varieties of plants will bring in different species of bees.
Item dimensions:
Weight -900gm
Height - 150mm
Width - 210mm
Depth - 94mm