Solid State Journeyman Cologne Cologne
Solid State Journeyman Cologne Cologne
Solid State Journeyman Cologne Cologne
Solid State Journeyman Cologne Cologne

Solid State for Men

Solid State for Men Journeyman Cologne

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Solid State for Men Journeyman Cologne

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Solid State Journeyman Cologne

Wax-based and preservative-free men's cologne crafted with care in Australia.

The Solid State Journeyman Cologne is a fragrance designed to accompany you on your daily journey from morning to evening. This versatile scent combines the refreshing essence of mandarin, the warmth of cedar, and a rich blend of spices to create an intriguing and captivating aroma.

Journeyman begins with a refreshing hint of mandarin, infusing the fragrance with a burst of citrusy vibrancy. This uplifting note adds a touch of brightness and energy to your day, setting the tone for what lies ahead.

As the fragrance evolves, the warm and comforting presence of cedar emerges. The woody character of cedar creates a sense of grounding and stability, providing a solid foundation for the scent.

To add interest and intrigue, Journeyman incorporates a rich blend of spices. These spices introduce a layer of complexity to the fragrance, capturing attention and leaving a lasting impression. The harmonious interplay between the spices and the citrus and wood notes creates a well-rounded and captivating scent experience.

Whether you're embarking on a morning workout, tackling the challenges of the day, or venturing into the evening's adventures, Journeyman is the perfect companion. Its versatile nature effortlessly transitions from one occasion to another, complementing your dynamic lifestyle with its alluring presence.

Experience the refreshing blend of mandarin, the warmth of cedar, and the intriguing spices of Solid State Journeyman Cologne. Let this scent accompany you on your journey, from the start of the day to the thrilling moments that await. Prepare to captivate and inspire with this versatile and captivating fragrance.

NOTES: Mandarin, Cedar, Vetiver


SLS and preservative-free, Australian-made Solid State’s wax-based grooming products for men, are better for the environment and are much longer-lasting than traditional grooming products. Plus, they are great as travel essentials taking up less space in your bag!