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Thurlby Herb Farm Flourish Bath Brew Face and Body

Thurlby Herb Farm Flourish Bath Brew

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Thurlby Herb Farm Flourish Bath Brew

Makes a pretty birthday, Mother's day, anniversary, Valentine, or Christmas gift idea! 

Luxurious set of 3 sachets made from soothing oatmeal and handmade soap chips combined with 3 different botanical blends and packaged in gentle muslin to smooth, soothe and cleanse your skin.

Handmade lovingly in Thurlby Farm in Western Australia and with reclaimed and elegant  packaging ready for gifting :)

Ingredients: Certified Sustainable Palm oil (Elaeis guineensis), certified sustainable palm kernal oil (Elaeis guineensis), certified sustainable glycerine vegetable BP (Elaeis guineensis), coconut oil, olive oil, sodium hydroxide, distilled water, rosemary extract, fragrance oils of rose, musk rose, patchouli and waxolene red colour, dried lemon verbena, dried rosemary, dried rose petal.