Care Package - Gift Hamper


Care Package - Gift Hamper

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Care Package - Gift Hamper

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Care Package - Gift Hamper

In times of solace and reflection, our pamper bundle offers comfort and support to those who need it most. With these thoughtfully selected items, you can express your provide a warm embrace from afar.

Also makes a great sympathy, condolence, or grieving gift.

7-day Mini Moon Turtle Mood Journal:

The Mini Moon Turtle is your companion on a journey of introspection. It gently guides you through the labyrinth of thoughts, feelings, and actions. Each day, it checks in with you, helping you unravel patterns and encouraging small acts that boost your overall well-being. This little turtle is here to offer solace and support during difficult times.

Flourish Eye Pillow:

Relaxation is a gift, and this lavender and linseed-filled eye pillow brings it in abundance. Designed to soothe and relieve tension, it gently rests on your brow, providing comfort and relief, especially during headaches. Wrapped in a traditional floral fabric, it's a beautiful token of care and tranquility.

Flourish Heat Pack:

Stress and tension melt away with this herbal heat pack. It applies dry heat, gentle pressure, and the soothing power of lavender to work on your aches and pains. Encased in luxurious velvet fabric with a practical removable cover, it's the ultimate comfort companion. Let warmth and relaxation envelop you.

Caramel Cravings:

Sweeten moments of solace with the indulgent taste of Loco For Cocoa's Caramel Cravings Chocolate treats. These handmade chocolates from Melbourne are perfect for gifting or savoring during quiet moments. Crafted with care and using the finest ingredients, they offer a decadent escape into pure bliss. Share these sweet delights to convey your deepest sympathies.

Express your condolences and provide a comforting touch during times of reflection. This bundle is a heartfelt gesture that speaks volumes in moments of silence and understanding.