Thurlby Herb Farm Gingko Herbal Clothing Protector Clothing Protector
Thurlby Herb Farm Gingko Herbal Clothing Protector Clothing Protector

Thurlby Herb Farm

Thurlby Herb Farm Gingko Herbal Clothing Protector

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Fragrance:Elderflower Fragrance
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Thurlby Herb Farm Gingko Herbal Clothing Protector

Elderflower Fragrance

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Gingko Herbal Clothing Protector

Say goodbye to pesky critters and protect your clothing in the classiest way possible with Thurlby Herb Farm Gingko Herbal Clothing Protector. Handmade in Australia with all-natural ingredients, this is the best long-lasting moth repellent you'll find.

  • Not only does it keep those pesky critters away, but it also adds a delightful fragrance to your clothes. Simply hang this sachet in your cupboard, and let the natural botanical aroma perfume and freshen your garments. The unique blend of herbs and botanicals effectively repels insects while leaving your clothes smelling fresh and clean.
  • What sets this clothing protector apart is its exceptional craftsmanship and eco-friendly packaging. The packaging is lovingly handmade using cotton fibre offcuts from the clothing industry, ensuring a sustainable and eco-conscious product. The botanical prints on the packaging are created by pressing fresh leaves into the wet paper, adding a touch of natural beauty to your closet.
  • With the Thurlby Herb Farm Gingko Herbal Clothing Protector, you can confidently store your favorite garments without worrying about unwanted guests. Its all-natural formula and handmade quality make it a reliable and environmentally friendly choice.

Keep your clothes protected, fresh, and beautifully scented with the Gingko Herbal Clothing Protector from Thurlby Herb Farm. Experience the combination of nature's finest ingredients and sustainable craftsmanship, and say goodbye to insect-related worries in style.

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Thurlby is a pioneer in natural herbal products and has supported environmental, sustainable principles in business and life, for over thirty years.

Thurlby sources only the finest quality ingredients for it's products, from ethical sources, locally if possible. Thurlby products are created by hand, using traditional herbal knowledge and artisan soap making methods. They contain no synthetic additives, no parabens or lauryl sulphates. Thurlby's products are not tested on animals.

Thurlby was established on strong environmental and ethical grounds. It's product packaging is predominantly made from recycled cotton fibre – a by product from the clothing industry.

Thurlby's natural, botanically based products and recycled packaging are essentially the finest quality available. Which are naturally gentle on your skin and gentle on the environment.
Thurlby is actively involved in communities (local and international).

Thurlby Herb Farm is a proud West Australian owned company. All Thurlby products are handmade in Walpole, Western Australia.

As the largest private employer in the Walpole district, Thurlby supports local families and provides flexible working conditions