Trends, fashion, and style, clothing is something everyone wants and uses, making it an incredibly accessible medium that can effect change for the average person.

Just like fast food, fast fashion is a growing reality in today’s world. Instead of waiting for new seasonal collections, consumers want to get their hands on a continuous cycle of the latest trends throughout the year in an inexpensive way. However just as how fast food can harm our bodies in the longer run, so does fast fashion on the environment around us.

Slow fashion or rather ethical fashion is eco-friendly clothes that can make a positive impact on the world around us. Although fast fashion clothing might be cheaper with designs taken right of the runway, its low-quality results in high levels of pollution and waste. The use of synthetic fabrics ends up in landfill which are made up of a high percent of textile waste. Such unethical fashion practice is also significant when considering its production. The men, women, and children who make such garments are from developing countries where they are often underpaid and work in unsafe conditions.

Ethical fashion on the other hand, in addition to treating workers fairly, is also based on sustainability which means prioritizing environmentally friendly practices in producing a product with a lower environmental impact.

Sustainable clothing is made from nature-friendly materials, such as organic, pesticide-free, non-GMO cotton that is safe for people and the environment. Sustainable practices also reduce water consumption and waste production as it is produced by using natural energy.

This said Pookipoiga is all about going ethically trendy! With an array of eco-elegant styles to choose from various brands such as Nine Yaks and Tonle, these planet-friendly clothing pieces that are timeless and long-lasting are classic examples of responsible fashion!

Nine Yaks focuses on fine natural textiles specializing in Cashmere-wraps such as ponchos, throws, and shawls. Created from natural fibers like 100% Cashmere, Silk, Cotton or Linen, these high-quality ethically handmade clothing  keeps you warm and at the same time stylish.The beauty of a bias cut garment is its enhanced elasticity and flexibility which creates an interesting drape and swoosh. Tonle’s calf-length, bias-cut skirt with pockets is made from responsibly sourced cool and elegant remnant rayon which 100% zero waste. The brand also produces, shorts, dresses, and fancy tops among others using the same ethical fabric.

Looking for hand-printed eco-friendly pants? Then Captain Robbo will be able to fulfill your wish! The brand produces adventure pants made up of natural fibers that are all hand printed. Comfortable, durable and created for all ages, these adventure pants have that self-empowering effect that can motivate you to become an eco-warrior!

Ok now if you are feeling a little less adventurous and more feminine and breezy, then opt for Devoi’s beautifully and handcrafted Catherine Skirt or Dorothy Dress. These 100% linen slow fashion wardrobe items are committed to counteracting the harmful effects of fast fashion mass consumption with a zero fabric waste policy.

If you to wear a bit of humor and fun on your feet, then choose the vibrant and high quality combed cotton sock from Blue Q illustrated with quirky designs and lines that say “You are not the Boss” or “Don’t Judge Me.” On the other hand if you are an art lover searching for rare and one of a kind fashion pieces then wear Artnwords ethically created quirky pairs of socks that merge unique pop art designs to a piece of history.

Similar to such artsy pieces are a collection of vibrant kimono boxy tops by Ana Williams. These linen garments are crafted by either upcycled tea towels or feature distinctive designs such as forest floors, dragonflies and even cats. These locally handmade made pieces have multiple ways or wearing and offer an alternative to fast fashion.

Another garment that has been handcrafted is Lore Lore’s Giant Pom Pom Wool Beanie. Constructed on a domestic knitting machine, hand-linked and finished, this fun piece with a limited color edition is made from 100% natural fibers sourced locally.

The best clothing must be matched with the best accessories.  One of the top sustainable brand in this category is Elvis and Kresse who are recognised for making bags, belts, wallets, and so on from genuine decommissioned British fire-hose lined with reclaimed military-grade parachute silk. Now what better creative way to upcycle something that would have otherwise cause landfill.

All in all, while sustainable fashion is all about moving towards ecological integrity and addressing the whole system of fashion, a humanitarian cause in protecting the environment and its people is a conscious step we can all take. The brand Conscious Step promotes such causes through producing socks for oceans, rainforests, hunger, water, deadly diseases. These socks crafted from the highest quality GOTS cotton supports the movement to combat deforestation, protect our environment and repopulate our oceans. So wear a pair of soft and comfortable socks and save the planet!

The Sustainable Fashion Movement

The Sustainable Fashion Movement