Looking for sustainable gift wrapping ideas? Here are 5 quirky and unique ways to wrap your gift or gift hamper!




Have old cardboard boxes in stock? For example, any saved-up gift boxes and any other reusable boxes from your birthday or Christmas last year? Here’s an idea: try upcycling these by placing your chosen gifts inside the box and wrapping it with a shawl or scarf!

How to?

  • Lay your scarf or shawl on a flat surface and place the box in the center.
  • Grab the two ends and cross them over the box
  • Turn the ends and wrap them around the uncovered sides
  • Flip the box over and tie the ends together
  • Pin it with a cute bamboo brooch if you’d like!

If you want to send your near and dear ones a winter gift package wrapped in a warm and cosy cashmere shawl, this gift wrap idea is an ideal one!

 tote and drawstring bag


A bag filled with surprises! Instead of all the wrapping or arranging of the little gifts in your gift basket or box, why not just throw them in a beautifully designed tote or drawstring bag? Add a gift tag with a personalized message to the handle or string of the bag, and it's good to gift!
A super practical gift hamper idea for someone who loves to travel or someone always on the go.

pantry glass jars


Jewellery in a jar? Why not! A practical storage idea for those little studs and brooches and a beautiful way to reuse old pantry jars.
Add a personal touch either through simple glass bottle art or by tying the neck of the jar with a printed scarf into a neat bow. An additional accessory and a fancy looking gift hamper!

ceramic bowl


A beautiful bowl of treats! Create a chocolate/sweet treats hamper in an attractive bowl covered in indigenous art! Just throw in a mix of some delicious chocolates or nibbles, and cover it using a cling wrap – not plastic but an un-plastic wrap made from starch-rich plants and an oil-based binding agent, which is compostable. Make it presentable by decorating the bowl hamper by tying a big ribbon around it with a large bow, and it’s as good (or better) as gifting a basket of treats.
The sweet tooth or foodie in your life will be more than happy when they receive this!

 paper pottery planter pots


Again who says you need a gift basket when you have gorgeous-looking designer planter pots made from paper! It's eco-friendly gift wrapping at it's best!
Decorative storage for gift-giving, this Paper Pottery pot can be the ideal hamper for the green thumb if you throw in any heirloom seed kits, a garden multi-tool, gardener’s soap, and bee seed bombs. Or a housewarming hamper with table trivets, soy wax candles, clothing protectors, or pest repellents. And if you like, you can fancy it by tying a ribbon around it or decorating it with natural items such as pine cones and sprigs. Upcycled bow ties are also a fun option if you are going for a wedding hamper with this idea!!