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Tonle Chloe Shorts Slate Shorts
Tonle Chloe Shorts Slate Shorts

Tonle Chloe Shorts Slate

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Looking for something you can wear in the boardroom, to the beach, and to sleep in? We got you. There are no rules these days in fashion. We say, embrace it. These ultra-soft shorts truly are perfect for all of those occasions and more. Dress up or down to your liking. Remnant rayon keeps you cool and elegant for the summer months, and your mind will be at ease knowing the fabric is responsibly sourced.

Rayon care: We suggest a gently machine washing this garment and hanging to dry, and use a warm iron to press. Want to machine dry? No problem - but slight shrinkage will occur. Our fabric is pre-washed in cold water. No time for ironing? Pro tip: Hanging rayon garments near the shower is a magic cure for wrinkles, especially with this fabric.

People who work on this product: Sros, Sreyneang, Nary