Step into the world of ethical, sustainable fashion with Tonlé's reclaimed clothing collection. Their magic lies in transforming fabric remnants and offcuts into stunning garments that carry a powerful message of conscious fashion!

Get fab in jumpsuits, blending style and sustainability with reclaimed materials. Each piece is a unique eco-artwork, minimizing waste.

And there's more! Try the t-shirt dress, made from cotton jersey remnants and plant-based fibers. It's comfy, chic, and champions sustainable fashion.

Tonlé isn't just fashion; it's fair trade! Their workers are respected and paid fairly, making your support extra meaningful.

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Tonle Sothea Linen Pants - Sustainable ClothingTonle Sothea Linen Pants - Sustainable Clothing
Tonle Sothea Linen Pants
Sale price€55,95
Tonle T-Shirt DressTonle T-Shirt Dress
Tonle T-Shirt Dress
Sale price€40,95
Tonle Relaxed Basic Top - Sustainable ClothingTonle Relaxed Basic Top - Sustainable Clothing
Tonle Relaxed Basic Top
Sale price€36,95
Tonle Mealea remnant rayon Dress Tonle Mealea remnant rayon Dress
Tonle Mealea Dress
Sale price€62,95
Tonle Rachana Jumpsuit - Sustainable ClothingTonle Rachana Jumpsuit - Sustainable Clothing
Tonle Rachana Jumpsuit
Sale price€73,95
Save €13,00
Tonle Classic unisex T-shirt - Sustainable ClothingTonle Classic unisex T-shirt - Sustainable Clothing
Tonle Classic T
Sale price€24,95 Regular price€37,95
Loose knit cardigan - Pookipoiga
Tonle Loose Knit Cardigan
Sale price€55,95
Tonle Printed Leggings Clothing
Tonle Printed Leggings
Sale price€37,95
Tonle Kendal Sweatshirt - Sustainable ClothingTonle Kendal Sweatshirt - Sustainable Clothing
Tonle Kendal Sweatshirt
Sale price€49,95
Tonle Bias Skirt - Remnant rayon clothingTonle Bias Skirt - Remnant rayon clothing
Tonle Bias Skirt
Sale price€43,95
Tonle Kampot Pencil Skirt - Sustainable ClothingTonle Kampot Pencil Skirt - Sustainable Clothing
Tonle Kampot Skirt
Sale price€43,95
Tonle Kim Top - Remnant Rayon ClothingTonle Kim Top - Remnant Rayon Clothing
Tonle Kim Top
Sale price€55,95
Tonle Lydia Trousers Grey Pants
Tonle Lydia Trousers Grey
Sale price€61,95
Trapeze Dress Black DressTrapeze Dress Black Dress
Trapeze Dress Black
Sale price€48,95
Trapeze Dress Navy Dress
Trapeze Dress Navy
Sale price€48,95
Tonle Chloe Shorts Navy Shorts
Tonle Chloe Shorts Navy
Sale price€48,95
Tonle Striped Kaftan - Cream and Grey Dress
Tonle Swing Tank Slate Grey Top
Tonle Swing Tank Slate Grey
Sale price€27,95
Tonle Chloe Shorts Slate Shorts - Remnant rayon ClothingTonle Chloe Shorts Slate Shorts - Remnant rayon Clothing
Tonle Chloe Shorts Slate
Sale price€48,95
Tonle Voleak Dress - Blue Khmer - remnant cotton jerseyTonle Voleak Dress - Blue Khmer - remnant cotton jersey
Sold out
Tonle Keang Top Top
Tonle Keang Top
Sale price€34,95
Sold out
Tonle Alice T ClothingTonle Alice T Clothing
Tonle Alice T
Sale price€39,95