Composting bucket

Bokashi One

Composting bucket


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The Bokashi One Bucket is a great idea for people short on space as it reduces the need for an outside compost pile and is easier to maintain than a worm farm. The airtight lid ensures an ideal environment for anaerobic fermentation to take place, while controlling odours and deterring flies. Placing the plastic grate inside the bucket and then piling food waste on top of it separates the food waste from the liquid that accumulates at the bottom of the bucket. This liquid can be easily drained through the tap and used as a nutrient-rich fertiliser for the garden. 

Bokashi One  Plastic Bucket

The Bokashi One Bucket is 410mm high, 310mm wide and 300mm deep, stores neatly under kitchen sink, It can hold 20 litres of food waste.  It is available in 3 colours Black, White and Tan with green lid.